Samsung’s new Balance Mouse wants to eliminate work-related stress


  • The Balance Mouse concept was revealed in South Korea earlier this week
  • Pricing and availability information is unknown since it’s only a concept at the moment
  • Samsung didn’t say if the Balance Mouse would be available outside its home country

A computer mouse is one of those items that are used rarely by laptop owners but is an essential component for PC users. Samsung’s latest innovation is targeting those users who generally do all of their work on a PC, and would hence require a reminder not to overwork themselves.

Known as the Balance Mouse, this accessory will automatically veer away from the user when it detects that they’ve been working too much, and even splits itself into two and hides from the user, thus making it unusable.

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This may seem annoying, but Samsung’s intention behind this product is to encourage PC users to take frequent breaks and avoid overworking which could result in significant stress. But why call it Balance? Well, the South Korean electronics juggernaut wants this to be an essential part of maintaining the elusive work/life balance.

The Balance Mouse still happens to be a concept, and the company has shared a video demonstrating its features, which you can see below:

Will the Balance Mouse make its way to India?

Samsung is currently testing the Balance Mouse in its home region of South Korea, under the supervision of Samsung Balance Lab. It’s currently unclear how much this unique mouse will cost, or if it will ever make its way out of South Korea. Given that work-related stress is not a geographically restricted phenomenon, the Balance Mouse could find plenty of takers outside South Korea, particularly in India.

Via: News18