Samsung debuts UFS 4.0 storage with faster speed and power efficiency


  • Samsung UFS 4.0 storage solution has been announced
  • It offers twofold faster performance than UFS 3.0 / 3.1
  • Its mass production will begin in Q3 this year

Samsung’s UFS 4.0 storage has been launched. It has arrived as the successor to the UFS 3.0 / UFS 3.1, which has been the fastest storage solution available for Android devices. The UFS 4.0 uses the company’s Gen 7 V-NAND memory and proprietary controller. This allows it to offer 46 percent faster performance than its predecessor.

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Most flagship and sub-flagship smartphones come equipped with UFS 3.1 storage. Now that the UFS 4.0 technology has been announced, some of the flagship phones arriving by the end of this year may feature Samsung’s latest storage solution.

Samsung UFS 4.0 mass production to begin in Q3

Samsung UFS 4.0

Samsung UFS 4.0 promises twofold better performance than UFS 3.0 / 31.

According to Samsung, the UFS 4.0 can achieve sequential read speeds of up to 4,200 MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s. It offers max data transfer rates of up to 23.2Gbps per lane, which is twice as fast as the 11.6Gbps speed offered by UFS 3.1 storage. According to Samsung, the UFS 4.0 is perfect for 5G smartphones that normally need huge amounts of data processing.

While it is mainly built for smartphones, the new standard is also going to be incorporated into VR / AR devices and the automotive industry. The compact-sized storage measures 11mm x 13mm x 1mm, which assists in providing more space for other hardware components inside the device. Samsung has confirmed that it will be available in a variety of capacities ranging up to 1TB.

The South Korean tech giant is expected to begin the mass production of the UFS 4.0 storage in Q3 this year. Hence, it is likely that the first phones featuring the new storage solution will arrive by the end of 2022. It is likely that it could be made available on the Galaxy S23 series, which is expected to launch in Q1 2023. Samsung said that it is, “collaborating with smartphone and consumer device manufacturers globally, we are working vigorously to foster an ecosystem for UFS 4.0 to drive the market for high-performance mobile storage solutions.”


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