Say Hi to Google’s New Social Networking Feature for YouTube Creators

Yesterday, Google launched YouTube Community — a brand new social networking feature for content creators. YouTube Community is currently in beta and available only to select YouTubers. Last month, several reports made rounds on the Internet saying YouTube is up to something then called “Backstage” internally. It is being speculated that the cause of this move is YouTube demonetizing “unfriendly to advertisers” videos. However, YouTube says that the feature is aimed at strengthening the bond between creators and their viewers.


The new Community tab on creator’s channel enables creators to share videos, photos, links, and polls with their subscribers. Subscribers then come across these updates in their Subscription feeds, a place where they normally find the videos from their subscribed YouTube channels. Subscribers also have a choice in case they wish to be notified everytime creators share some update. YouTube calls it a “special release” given the fact that this comes as one of the major product collaborationsYouTube has ever done with creators. YouTube is currently inviting select creators like VSauce3, AsapSCIENCE, The Game Theorists, and more to grant early access to this feature.


Tanmay Patange

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