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Social new logo fb twitter announcement postPricebaba was started by a bunch of geeks, wanting to help their friends find prices of mobile phones. After three years, it has evolved into a market leading brand for online-offline price comparison in India. Before we branch out to new opportunities and aim for the next 10 million users, the team felt it was the right time to find ourselves a more modern, friendlier identity that reflects what we as a company stand for. So here it is, the all-new Pricebaba identity.

Why did we change it? 



  • We felt our previous logo looked more like an icon and didn’t stand strong as a symbol.
  • Users might remember it as just another bar code and not as PriceBaba’s symbol.
  • It lacked personality and of course, color.

For us, a brand is not just a logo, font or a symbol. A brand is what the customers think of our company and we needed a stronger identity to pass our message and more importantly, tell a story.

The Process

We started with the basics, boiling down to the central message we’re trying to communicate. The idea is that if your logo can communicate the way you explain your brand in one line, then you’ve nailed it. We set out to do just that. Find the right words and translate it in a meaningful manner. Mind-maps, word tags, icons, sketches, notes, and some coffee cups are all it took to find the right symbol.


Nothing can replace the good old pen and paper!

To find the perfect symbol, we boiled down to this, our ethos:



Based on this, our new symbol was born.


Shaping it accurately!

The symbol is a culmination of factors like price, product, and place. It resembles to location while the transformed shape gives it the personality of ‘P’ from Pricebaba. The rounded corners and soft edges resonate a friendly, animated and cheerful feeling.

The next step was to add color. We were looking for something warm, friendly and reliable. Something that would just feel right with the new symbol. So, Orange. Oh! yes, it had to be Orange! Fun, warm, vibrant, cheerful — everything we need. The shade we choose stimulates action and you feel like playing around with it.

6Our font: Bariol



The final logo spaced out correctly:


Of course, we tried many shapes that didn’t make it to the final round. Below are few of those samples:


We hope you guys resonate well with our new logo and, don’t forget to read about our new redesign of the website too! Do share your feedback with us in the comments below. We’d love to hear it 🙂9


Kushang Dholakia

He's an Associate Editor for He whips up slick graphics and brings professional video editing & direction skills to PriceBaba videos. He is currently happy with his Moto X 2014 running on Android 5.0 Lollipop. Follow him on Twitter @ArrestedThinker


    • Ujjwal Kumar
    • June 28, 2015

    One of them looks similar to Flipkart’s logo. 😛

    • Ritesh
    • June 29, 2015

    Good part is that you didn’t include mobile in your logo. This will help you when you expand.

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