Beware! SBI customers receiving phishing text message to update their PAN number


  • SBI customers are getting a phishing text message 
  • Customers are told to update their PAN number on their Yono account
  • It’s advisable to avoid clicking on any link in the message 

SBI customers are receiving a phishing message asking them to enter their PAN number on their Yono account. The bank has acknowledged the issue and its IT security team will look into the matter. Phishing scams are quite common on the web. 

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For those unaware, Yono is SBI’s digital banking platform. The message includes a link to update the customer’s PAN details on what appears to be an SBI webpage but it is actually a phishing scam. 

SBI customers receiving phishing message

SBI Bank customers are receiving a text message that says their Yono account will be blocked if they don’t update their PAN number on the given link. The message also includes a link that portrays it to be an SBI webpage and asks users to enter sensitive information. The text looks suspicious since there are grammatical errors. If a customer clicks on the link and enters their credentials, hackers can gain access to the information and misuse it. 

It’s advisable to not fall prey to such messages and avoid clicking on any links to enter sensitive information. There are chances of money getting stolen from bank accounts. 

Phishing is a common practice of sending fraudulent messages through various communication tools from a reputable source. However, they are aimed at collecting personal, financial, and sensitive information. 

Commenting on the matter, SBI added that banks never ask for sensitive information. Customers are advised to not respond to any emails, SMS, calls, or embedded links asking to share any details. Customers can also report phishing messages to ‘’ or contact helpline number 1930 to take action. 

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