SD cards With Whopping 128TB Could Be On The Way

SD Association, the body responsible for setting SD card standards has announced that 128TB SD cards may actually be a reality in the distant future. The 128TB cards are expected to provide faster data transfer speeds of up to 985 megabytes per second. The new faster speeds will be called as SD Express which will bring PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect) and NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory) interfaces to the traditional SD interface. The 128TB cards will be termed as SD Ultra Capacity (SDUC). The new SD Express standard will be applicable for SDUC, SDXC, & SDHC cards as well. The upcoming cards will be available in SD and microSD sizes.

Image: The SD Association

As outlined in 2009, the maximum storage space on SD card right now is 2TB. However no manufacturer has managed to offer 2TB storage till date. To recall, SanDisk had announced 1TB SDcard in 2016 but it never shipped in the market. The current SD card with maximum storage capacity is limited to 512GB.

The SD Express seems helpful in transferring large data like 4K and 8K videos, RAW files, HD movies, and gaming files at a much faster speed thus saving time.

Currently 1TB cards are very rare and 2TB cards have still not arrived in the stores. There is also a limited number of smartphones in the market that surpass the maximum expandable storage of 256GB. Readers must keep in mind that these SD cards with huge capacity come at a price. Sandisk’s 512GB SDcard currently retails at Rs 29,585. And a 2TB card could come at a higher price tag. The 128TB SDcard seems cost-prohibitive and we shouldn’t expect it to launch any time soon.

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