Seniorworld Launches easyfone Grand, a smartphone for senior citizens

On: February 15, 2019 has launched a smartphone for senior citizens, the easyfone Grand, The phone offers over 20 special features which would make the lives of senior citizens easier, according to the brand.

easyfone Grand: specifications

The easyfone Grand amplifies sound to assist users who have trouble hearing, but don’t require a hearing aid. The device comes with earphones that amplify sound not just for calls, but also while watching TV or talking to people face to face. The smartphone comes with an alpha-numeric keypad and a display with special large fonts. It has an SOS emergency button which automatically notifies concerned people for help if the user presses it. Buyers can opt for the CareTouch subscription service which lets authorised users remotely customise the settings of the device, set reminders, configure SOS and manage contacts. Other features of the easyfone Grand include photo dialling, reminders for medicines, customisable menu, a contacts whitelist to avoid unwanted calls and FM radio.

easyfone Grand smartphone launched

The easyfone Grand comes with an accessible cradle charger and separate side keys for volume, torch and locking/unlocking the phone.

Rahul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, said, “Our new solutions are the testimony of our commitment to bring world-class innovative products and services that marry the best of simplicity and technology to enhance the quality of life of our beloved elders. We will be launching more such solutions and services in the coming year to cater to the different needs of our customers.”

easyfone Grand: price and availability

The easyfone Grand is available at a price of Rs 3,990 and can be bought from, Flipkart and Amazon. Apart from this device, Seniorworld has also launched the easyfone Royale and easyfone Elite in the range. 

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