How to Check Mobile Number from SIM Card – 7 Easy and Best Ways

There are times when we are unable to recollect our own mobile numbers. While the number consists of just 10-digits recalling this can be a task. This could be even more problematic when changing phones or when you have more than one number. Oftentimes, people remember their primary number but are unable to recall the alternate number. Our mobile number is registered in most of the apps and bank accounts, and also serves as a recipient of important OTPs. If you too have faced this issue, then we’ve got you covered. We’ll be sharing seven easy methods to check the mobile number from SIM.

Methods to check mobile numbers from SIM

We are sharing seven easy ways to check your number via your SIM. A mobile number is usually printed on the SIM card package. If you still have the same lying around, you can quickly check the same to know your mobile number. Another way to check the same is via USSD. Most mobile operators now have an app; you can even check the same to know your mobile number. If you have your number or the alternate number saved in your phone, you can look at that. You can also call a friend, family or a relative who you think will help you in this situation and not judge you. Checking phone settings or Whatsapp are other handy ways to find your number. For steps and detailed information, keep reading.

Method 1 : Check your SIM card packaging

First things first, if you’ve still got your SIM card packaging lying around and hopefully haven’t thrown it, just check the label on the back of it and you will find your mobile number printed there. That’s easy, right?

On the contrary, fret not if you don’t have the packaging and follow any of the other methods listed below to find your mobile number.


Method 2: Using USSD Codes

The second method on our list is guaranteed to fetch you your mobile number. You might have heard about different service codes provided by your carrier but if you haven’t, follow the steps below to find your mobile number:

Step 1: Open the dialer app on your device.

Step 2: Dial the USSD code. Make sure you use the correct USSD code as per your SIM carrier.

A pop-up box will appear and show your mobile number within a few seconds. As easy as that.

Listed below are USSD codes for some of the most popular Indian telecom operators. If we have missed listing your operator, then you can call their customer care number and inquire about the USSD code from them. 

  • Jio – *1#
  • Airtel – *282#
  • BSNL – *222#
  • Vi – *199#

Method 3: Check on the Carrier App

Most of the service providers these days have their own app which allows you to manage your SIM card and the active plan. All you have to do is simply login into the respective app as per your network operator, if you haven’t already. Do note that, you might require an OTP to login which will be sent to your mobile number.

After logging in, head over to the Account section or Current Plan section. You will find your mobile number along with other details of the active plan and more.

Method 4: Call your Service Provider

Another very easy and convenient method of looking up your mobile number is by contacting the customer support of your respective service providers. Before calling them, remember to jot down the SIM card number which is printed on the SIM card itself, just in case you need it. You can easily find the contact number of customer support in your contacts. Most of the SIM cards come with contact info already saved.

Method 5: Contact your friends or family

This method might be one of those few things to come into one’s mind when one wants to find their mobile number. It’s understandable that your friend might laugh at you for being so silly, but hey you got your mobile number at least. Just call your friend or anyone from your family and ask them for your mobile number. You can also choose to text them or ping them over social media.

Method 6: Check your phone’s setting

      In almost all Android and iOS devices, mobile numbers are automatically fed into the SIM card profile section in Settings. All you have to do is follow the few simple steps stated below:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your device.

Step 2: Click on About Phone or SIM Card / Network Settings depending upon the device you use.

Step 3: You will find your mobile number either in the SIM Status field or you will see your SIM card details listed over there along with the mobile number.

Method 7: Check your WhatsApp

 WhatsApp is one of the most widely used social media apps. WhatsApp accounts are based on mobile numbers which makes it possible to know the registered mobile numbers. You can do this by following the steps given below: 

Step 1: Open WhatsApp.

Step 2: Go to the Settings menu.

Step 3: Tap on the profile section. This will show all the details of your WhatsApp account including your mobile number, name, and the About section.


So, did you finally find your mobile number? Make sure to memorize it this time around or else feel free to have a look at the above-mentioned methods once again whenever the need arises. These were some of the easiest methods to find the mobile number from a SIM card, in case you ever forget it or haven’t got it in your head.