‘Sex!fy Season 2’ OTT Release Date: New Season of Popular Dramedy ‘Sex!fy’ to stream on Netflix from January 11


  • Owing to its popularity, the audience described the show as ‘Poland’s answer to Sex Education’
  • Sex!fy was an instant success among youngsters globally and eventually became one among Netflix’s top 10 shows in over 80 countries
  • Fans can watch Sex!fy season 2 on Netflix from January 11, 2023

Netflix’s show Sex Education gained tremendous popularity for its bold and relatable storyline. Audiences across the world enjoyed the show, and since the primary language was English, Netflix was able to reach a larger base of users. However, a similar show – Sex!fy – on the OTT platform in Polish also received a positive response for its story and performance.

Sex!fy: Season 2 – OTT Release Details

The first season of Sex!fy released in April 2021 and became an instant hit on the platform. Makers of the show and the team at Netflix renewed it for another season. Fans can watch Sex!fy Season 2 on Netflix from January 11, 2023.

Sex!fy: Season 2 – Cast and Crew

Created by Kalina Alabrudzinska, Malgorzata Biedronska, and Piotr Domalewski, the show titled Sex!fy, is directed by Kalia Alabrudzińska and Piotr Domalewski. Presented as a Polish sex comedy series, Sex!fy stars Sandra Drzymalska, Aleksandra Skraba and Maria Sobocińska in lead roles. The music for the show has been given by Radzimir Dębski.

Mikolaj Lebkowski has done the cinematography and the editing is jointly managed by Magdalena Chowanska, Sebastian Mialik, and Aleksandra Gowin. Malgorzata Fogel-Gabrys, Agata Gerc, Marcin Ksobiech, and Jan Kwiecinski has collaborated to manage the production of the show.

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Sex!fy: Season 2 – Trailer and Premise

Sex!fy revolves around Natalia, computer science student Natalia, who is focused on developing an algorithm, with the help of her friends Pulina and Monila, that can help women with some sexual benefits. Their efforts are clear – to win the competition for the best start-up and build an innovative sex through which people can explore the daunting world of intimacy. The official premise as shared by Netflix reads, “To build an innovative sex app and win a tech competition, a sexually inexperienced student and her friends must explore the daunting world of intimacy.”

The first episode of the show begins where Natalia gets some troubling news about the app and is forced to pivot to a new idea. In the last episode of Season 1, the team is ready for the big pitch at the tech competition, however, the question of sacrificing for the participation is daunting. Season 2 of Sex!fy will continue from here. Sharing the premise, Netflix said, “With the future of their startup in flux, the three young entrepreneurs must balance tumultuous personal lives, a bitter rival and a demanding investor.”

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Sex!fy: Season 1 – Reviews

Season 1 of Sex!fy had a total of eight episodes and owing to the success of the show, audience described it as ‘Poland’s answer to Sex Education.’ Writing and direction that showcases several topics of sexuality in an educational setting, and the way makers have addressed these have been lauded both by the critics and the viewers. The show gained immense popularity becoming an international success and eventually to be a part of Netflix’s top 10 shows in over 80 countries.

The second season was expected to release in 2022, however, it was delayed due to production reasons.