Squid Games inspired ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mode is now available for Silly World Squid Royale

  • Netflix’s Squid Game inspired ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mode is now available for Silly World
  • The Squid Royale mode crossed 700,000 pre-registrations and offered early access
  • Players need to play 10 games, achieve 1200 IQ and share the game on Instagram to unlock the mode

SuperGaming just released the new Netflix’s Squid Game inspired ‘Red Light, Green Light’ mode for Squid Royale game modes. Earlier, SuperGaming announced a venture for onboarding Squid Games’ Red Light, Green Light mode. Finally, this mode is now available inside Silly World’s Squid Royale.

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The Silly World’s Squid Royale is set to adapt more games into the mode since “Red Light, Green Light” featured as the first game of the Netflix hit series Squid Games. Players who complete basic requirements will get to play the mode first on an early-access basis. Here is everything you need to know about the new Silly World Squid Royale gaming modes.

What is Squid Royale mode in Silly World?

Squid Royale mode

Silly World is a social game that takes inspiration from pop culture, TV series and other video games to provide engaging games to its players. In an attempt to cover the hype around Netflix’s Squid Games, SuperGaming announced a new gaming mode Squid Royale. It is one of the most engaging gaming modes which allows players to participate in Squid Games inspired games. As a first instalment of the series, Silly World has added Red Light, Green Light mode, which was basically the central plot of the first episode of Squid Games. 

Though this is the first mode of the series, SuperGaming might add other modes to the game inspired by the other Squid Games episodes such as the Dalgona Cookie, Tug of War, Glass Bridge, and Marble Game. As of now, the pre-registration for the Squid Game modes has crossed over 700,000 players and the “Red Light, Green Light” mode is now available for early access.

How to unlock Red Light, Green Light in Silly World?

In order to play the new Netflix’s Squid Games inspired mode, you have to play a total of 10 games inside Silly World. Additionally, you need to add five friends to the game and achieve an IQ of 1200. Once you’ve completed these objectives, you can play the Red Light, Green Light mode by going over the Squid Royale gaming modes.

Once you’ve unlocked the Early Access, you can play the game by following the step-by-step instructions below. 

  • Tap on the Red Light, Green Light mode. 
  • Add players to the game. (You can only add up to 12 players at a time)
  • Tap on the Walk button and complete the race to the finish line. 
  • Walk when the doll is looking away and stop when it turns around. 
  • If you manage to win the race, you will be awarded access to skins inspired by Squid Game, such as Frontman, Old Man Nam, and more.
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