Siya OTT Release Details: Hindi Crime Drama is streaming on Zee5


  • Siya is directed by Manish Mundra and stars Pooja Pandey in the lead role
  • The film talks about several social issues and follows the life of a 17-year-old girl
  • Fans can watch Siya on Zee5

Hindi language crime and drama Siya, showcasing a girl’s fight for justice against overwhelming odds, received a mixed response from critics and audiences. The film struggled to leave a lasting impression during its theatrical release and screenings. However, with its recent debut on OTT platforms, there is renewed hope for this thought-provoking piece. Here are the details of its digital premiere:

Siya: OTT Release Details

Fans can watch Siya on Zee5 on June 16. The official announcement regarding the same was made on Zee5’s Twitter account with a message that read, “Witness the story of #Siya who dared to fight against the injustice of the system against all odds! #SiyaOnZEE5, premieres 16th June.”

Siya: Cast and Crew

Directed by Manish Mundra, Siya stars Pooja Pandey and Vineet Singh in the lead role. The film is produced and distributed by Drishyam Films. Haider Rizvi and Samah wrote the film, and the dialogues were penned by Rashmi Somvanshi. Cinematography for the film has been managed by Subhranshu and Rafey, whereas the editing has been done by Manendra Singh Lodhi. Neil Adhikari and Rajashri Sanyal have given the music and score for the film.

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Siya: Trailer and Premise

Presented as an enthralling drama, Siya follows the journey of a determined small-town girl. After enduring repeated brutalization and a week-long captivity, a courageous 17-year-old from Devganj village in Uttar Pradesh, decides to fight for justice against all odds. With the support of her lawyer and family friend, she initiates a transformative movement against a vicious system, aiming to bring both the powerful perpetrators and a highly influential and revered culprit to justice. In her quest for retribution, Siya faces formidable challenges that test her resilience and courage.

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Siya: Review and IMDb Rating

Touted to be a thought-provoking film, Siya garnered mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its well-intended approach, others found it unsettling. The portrayal of a rape victim was hailed as hard-hitting and brutally honest, extracting meaning from a real-life story. However, there were concerns about the film lacking hope, defeating the purpose of cinema. The diverse range of perspectives sparked meaningful discussions, leaving a lasting impact on viewers. Siya prompted reflection on important social issues and provoked thought about the complexities of justice and empowerment. Users on IMDb have given Siya a rating of 7/10.


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