Skoda reveals VISION 7S luxury EV concept with a range of up to 600km 


  • Škoda plans to release three EVs, including the VISION 7S, by 2026
  • This concept EV will apparently support charging speeds of up to 200kW
  • The boot and the floor of the EV are made of recycled tyre veneer, Škoda said.

We already know a fair bit about Škoda’s plans for the electric vehicle (EV) segment. The Volkswagen-owned automaker has now revealed a new concept known as the VISION 7S, an all-electric seven-seater luxury EV. This concept car also introduces Škoda’s new logo and the updated design philosophy.

The Škoda VISION 7S features an 89kWh battery pack, capable of running for up to 600 kilometres on a full charge, per the WLTP cycle. Furthermore, with support for 200kW fast charging, the EV is clearly designed for the future.

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On the inside, the EV features a 14.6-inch touchscreen infotainment system, complemented by an 8.8-inch instrument cluster. Concept images also show the fully revamped steering wheel featuring only two spokes, with one of the spokes functioning as a touchpad to access some of the car’s functionality when parked.

Škoda says the VISION 7S would be the first automobile from the manufacturer to feature a matte finish, displayed here in Explorer Green. Eco-friendly materials are used in the EV’s making, with the company saying that the boot and floor use recycled tyre veneer. The top half of the dashboard features dark faux leather whereas the lower half has artificial leather to match the exterior colour.

​​Škoda VISION 7S release date

Škoda claims it will launch three new EVs by 2026, which includes the VISION 7S concept, in addition to a smaller hatchback-type car and a compact SUV. The automaker has set a goal to account for up to 70% of Europe’s EVs by 2030. Pricing information is understandably unavailable right now, although we should have a decent idea when the concept officially enters mass production.