Skype Gets Siri Integration and Call Kit Support on iOS 10

Skype is still the preferred medium for several people who want to use VOIP calls even though there are several alternatives available now. Such has been the popularity of Skype that even today, making a video call is synonymous with Skype. But just like any VoIP app on iOS, the experience was restrictive if the app was running in the background. With iOS 10, Apple introduced Call Kit that opened up the possibilities for a much better integration and experience.


Making use of this, Skype is the latest to use Call Kit in their latest update. As a result, if you receive Skype call on your device, it will show up on the lockscreen as well, even if the phone’s display is turned off. Skype has also gone ahead with a Siri integration. This would allow you to ask Siri to do the work for you and ask it to perhaps place a call or even send a message. Both the features are currently live on the usual Skype app for now, with the Business app for Skype slated to get the same update sometime later in the year.

If you already have Skype installed on your iPhone, you simply have to go to the App Store and update the app to get the latest build on your smartphone. Make sure post the update, the app is on the version 6.25 for you to enjoy the features stated.

Arpit Verma

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