Skype has a new look, with changed colours, themes, real-time translations


  • Skype isn’t dead yet
  • Microsoft updates Skype with new UI and new features
  • Real-time audio translations are coming to Skype

Skype was once the default app for video calls, but it has fallen off of mainstream video calling with the advent of apps such as WhatsApp, Zoom, Google Meet, Imo, etc. Microsoft has recently been pushing Microsoft Teams as the default video calling and video conferencing solution in the Microsoft ecosystem. Still, with this new update to Skype, it’s almost like Microsoft is yet to give up on Skype.

New themes and header colours

Skype new update 2

This new update to Skype brings a visual overhaul to Skype. The colourful header with a variety of colours to choose from will be the first thing you’ll notice. It works in light mode and light mode, and you’ll see these colours more on the UI throughout the app. Microsoft is also adding high-contrast themes for Accessibility.

New mobile calling experience

skype new calling screen

The calling screen has been updated to match the refresh that Desktop Skype got a year ago. The video call UI also adjusts to the number of people on the call.

Real-time audio translations

Another major update to the platform is the support for real-time translation on calls. The translation was already available on chats on Skype, and shortly, Microsoft will be adding real-time audio translations to the app. Microsoft also mentioned that the audio translations would match your voice on the other end.

Read and share personalised articles and news

skype today screen

Skype is also getting a Today tab on mobile, and Microsoft News is integrated with Skype. If you have used the Bing or Start app, you’ll know exactly this.

Share profiles in a single tap

skype qr share

You can now share your profile with a single tap with Skype QR. On your profile, you’ll see an option for a QR. Tapping on it will bring a QR code for your profile that you can share with others by showing them the QR or sending it to them via other messaging services. There’s also a scan QR option on this page.

When will you get the update?

Skype new update

Microsoft has yet to reveal when everyone will be getting the update. We can expect the update to be rolled out over the next few weeks.