This Made in India AI-powered tool removes backgrounds from your photos in seconds, here’s how to use it

If you ever wanted to remove the background from an image but were daunted by advanced software like Photoshop and the likes, there exists a simple solution online. The website is called Slazzer and it’s free to use for everyone. This might raise some eyebrows as most free software is either packed with ads or adds a watermark on the final image.

However, I used Slazzer on several pictures, and it works just as advertised without any ads or watermark. The tool instantly removes the background from the subject and also lets you replace the original background with several preset backgrounds. Let’s take a look at how it works.

What is Slazzer?

Slazzer is developed by Deep Sircar who is the CEO of Netflairs Technology, the company behind the website. According to the description on ProductHunt, Slazzer is an “AI-powered background removal software that computer vision algorithms to quickly remove the background from an image in just 5 seconds or less.

Sircar revealed that he and his team worked on the tool for around a year before listing it on ProductHunt with the aim to make it easier for anyone to remove background from their images. According to the creator, the project was started after he realised how difficult it is for a layman to use software like Photoshop to remove the background.

By default, Slazzer uses low-resolution image cutouts for free users. If you want high-resolution images, you will need to pay for plans which start from Rs 993.41 for a year to Rs 1,52,755.28. These plans offer credits to use for image downloads, apps for Windows or Mac, a premium editor and API access.

How to use Slazzer

Slazzer is an online AI-powered background removal tool

Slazzer is an AI-powered background removal tool

To remove a background, all that the user has to do is go to the website and upload their desired picture, and the website takes care of the rest.

Slazzer works on all popular web browsers and requires a few simple steps:

  1. Open on your browser
  2. You will see a circular ‘Upload’ button in the middle of the homepage
  3. Click on the button and select the image you want to upload
  4. As soon as you upload your picture, the AI tool starts processing it
  5. The tool takes around 3-5 seconds to show the final result

Once the software is done processing the image, you are provided with two options – either download the image with a transparent background, or edit it. If you click on the Edit button, you are presented with several preset background images to choose from. There’s also a blur intensity tool on top, which lets users select a background image and then apply a bokeh effect to the same.

Slazzer is a handy tool for anyone who has a great picture but is not happy with what’s in the background. The tool works exactly as advertised and works exceptionally well for a free tool.

Abhiman Biswas

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