Snap announces Spectacles 3 with new design and dual HD cameras

On: August 14, 2019

Snap, the company behind the popular Snapchat app, has announced the third generation of its augmented reality sunglasses, the Spectacles 3. The smart sunglasses come with design changes and an added secondary HD camera for capturing depth. The Snap Spectacles 3 are a limited release product aimed at a small group of ‘fashion-forward’ people. 

Design-wise, the Snap Spectacles 3 come with a circular lens in a squared-off frame. The frame is built of lightweight steel along with adjustable tips and tinted lenses to protect eyes from the sun. Like previous editions, there is a button on top of the glasses to easily capture photos or videos. The sunglasses can be availed in two colour options, Carbon and Mineral.

As for the core specifications, the captured photos are stored in a resolution of 1,642 x 1,642 pixels while videos are stored in 1,216 x 1,216 resolution. Snap is also offering a number of 3D effects for photos and videos. The glasses offer 4GB onboard storage that can store up to 100 videos and 1,200 images. Users can sync the captured content with their iOS or Android phone. The content can then be shared on Snapchat, or other platforms like YouTube. There is still no automatic transfer of files so users have to do it manually over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

The Snap Spectacles 3 can record 70 videos and more than 200 photos on a single charge. The battery can be topped up entirely in 75 minutes by storing the device in the bundled charging case, which in turn is charged via a USB Type-C connector. 

The Snap Spectacles 3 have been launched at a price tag of $380 (~Rs 27,000). The sunglasses will go on sale starting November on 

Viraj Gawde

Viraj loves being in the creative field. Being a tech guy and resident tech advisor for his friends and family, his interest lies in smartphones, laptops and cameras. Passionate about creating art, his forte lies in photography. In his downtime, he loves gaming on his self-built rig and supporting FC Barcelona.