Soft Gold Version of OnePlus 3 to Launch on October 1st in India

OnePlus 3 got off to a great start in India and instantly the phone was the one to beat in the sub Rs 30,000 segment. Thanks to a fantastic build quality, near stock Android experience and an exceedingly good and reliable performance, the OnePlus 3 has become a favorite of anyone who is looking at a solid Android smartphone. The fact that OnePlus did away from the invite fiasco also helped raise the popularity of the device among those who wanted to pick one, as procuring, although still online only, was much easier.

The one complaint that some fans of the device had was that OnePlus only decided to bring the Graphite variant of the device here in India. In response, OnePlus has announced that the much appreciated and sought after Soft Gold variant will be in India starting October 1st.


Via their Twitter profile, OnePlus announced that the device will be their star offering during the Great Indian Festival on Amazon. The Soft Gold variant comes with the same specifications as the graphite version, but has a white front panel and a very mild gold back. Unlike the likes of iPhone or even the newer Galaxy S7, the gold colour is actually closer to silver than being a very shiny gold. It is this not so in to your face choice of colour that has made the golden variant a desirable one as far as the OnePlus 3 goes. The Soft Gold variant of the device will go on sale at Rs 27,999, which is the same price as that of the graphite version of the OnePlus 3.

Arpit Verma

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