Sony Honda’s first electric car will make its debut at CES next week


  • Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) will unveil the Vision-S 01 at CES on January 4, 2022
  • Details on the car’s hardware are still unclear, however
  • The company will prioritize the new EV for North America and later launch it in Japan and Europe

It’s already well known that Japanese corporations Honda and Sony are teaming up for a new electric car packed to the brim with advanced features and tech, with the highlight being a PlayStation 5 console built-in as the infotainment system. Sony Honda Mobility (SHM) has now confirmed that the new EV, known as the Vision-S 01, will be showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES, which begins on the 4th of January in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

As is customary with any pre-release announcement, SHM did not reveal any key specifications of the Vision-S 01, thus maintaining the mystery element. Although the new electric car will be revealed at CES, it won’t reach markets for a few years, according to a recent report.

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Sony Honda Vision-S 01 Rumoured Features

Information on the powertrain, battery and range is under wraps at the moment. But based on the company’s own words, it is being speculated that the EV will feature Level 3 and Level 2+ autonomous driving capabilities.

As HT Auto notes, the Vision-S 01 could also offer subscription-based features, likely delivered via OTA (over-the-air) updates. This idea could ensure EV owners retain their cars for longer as newer features could be theoretically included a few years after the automobile’s purchase. Sony will reportedly be tasked with handling the software side of things, including development and rollout.

The inclusion of the PlayStation 5 console, if true, will no doubt make it one of the most unique product collaborations between two giants of the industry. But with many factors, such as pricing, performance, and others, still unknown, it’s hard to predict whether Sony and Honda’s jointly developed electric car will strike a chord with the customers.

Sony Honda Vision-S 01 Availability

Customers in North America will be able to pre-book the EV beginning in mid-2025. The EV will then arrive in Japan and Europe at a later date. Since this is the conglomerate’s first attempt at an EV, they may only be available in limited quantities, at least initially. This makes us less hopeful of ever finding the Vision-S 01 automobile in India.

Via: HT Auto