Sony-Honda’s premium electric car is only three years away


  • The conglomerate didn’t specify the platform it would utilize for the new EV
  • Sony-Honda announced a partnership to jointly develop EVs in June this year
  • Honda is developing three new EV platforms for this decade

The global electric car segment has well and truly taken off, with India being on an upward trajectory in terms of EV adoption. A new report now claims that Japanese electronics giant, Sony, could also be throwing its hat in the ring. The company will reportedly partner with fellow Japanese corporation Honda Motor Co., to release this new EV, Reuters claims.

An EV launch was always on the cards for Sony, particularly after announcing a partnership with Honda back in June to form Sony Honda Mobility. The first EV will officially roll out of its assembly units by 2026, the report goes on to add. There’s little we know about this upcoming electric car, but the conglomerate will reportedly sell the new EV across Europe and North America. Interestingly, the automobile would be sold to customers through its online channels.

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Since this would be Sony Honda Mobility’s first foray into the automobile market, the EV will cater to the premium segment. As Hindustan Times points out, this could also mean it would cost more than the average EVs currently sold globally.

The Sony Vision-S Concept

Given Sony’s experience working on software on computers, consoles, and less successfully on smartphones, the company will handle the operating system of the car, including the infotainment system. It is also reported that the EV would be capable of Level 4 autonomous driving. It’s possible that the final product could look similar to the Sony Vision-S concept showcased in 2020 (pictured above).

Meanwhile, Honda will take the final call on the EV platform it would choose for this new car. The company said in April that it is working on three new all-electric platforms over the coming years with intentions to sell millions of EVs by the end of the decade.

Honda is also on course to launch a mini electric car based on a compact EV platform in Japan by 2024 and a larger electric car based on another platform by 2026, starting with North America. The company is also developing a medium-sized EV platform with American automaker General Motors (GM), expected to arrive by 2027.

Sony executive and President of the recently formed Sony-Honda group, Izumi Kawanishi said, “As safe driving technology will continue to evolve and the amount of concentration required to drive will be reduced, we should consider new ways to enjoy and spend time in the cabin space as a whole.”

Furthermore, Sony is also looking to tap into monthly subscriptions for entertainment packages within the EV, an idea that is relatively new to the EV industry. But leveraging Sony’s vast portfolio of media content seems like a reasonable idea, though only time will tell if it’s successful, especially since consumers would be paying a premium price tag for the new Sony-Honda EV.

Source: Reuters

Via: HT Auto