Sony LIV subscription plans 2022: price, full list of monthly and annual plans, benefits and more

Sony LIV subscription plans in India start from Rs 199 and go up to Rs 999. The OTT platform has three different plans for its users namely Sony LIV Special, Sony LIV Special+ and Sony LIV Premium. The platform also has a dedicated WWE Network plan priced at Rs 299 for a year offering WWE events, WWE NXT, WWE RAW, and WWE Smackdown.

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The base Sony LIV Special plan offers access to a limited content library with no live channels and shows ads to the user across the whole platform. The Sony LIV Special+ plan, on the other hand, gives access to live TV channels as well but with ads being displayed in the live channels only. The top-tier Sony LIV Premium plan shows ads in live sports and TV channels but gives access to the entire library. Here’s everything you need to know about Sony LIV plans in India.

Sony LIV subscription plans and price

Sony LIV has four plans on offer in India to cater to your budget and interests. Here’s the full list with details of what they offer:

  1. Sony LIV Special
  2. Sony LIV Special+
  3. Sony LIV Premium
  4. Sony LIV WWE Network
SonyLIV offers three plans in India

SonyLIV offers three plans in India

Sony LIV Special and Special+ plans: price

Sony LIV offers three plans in India including Sony LIV Special, Sony LIV Special+, and Sony LIV Premium. The LIV Special is the base plan that retails at Rs 199 for 12 months. As part of this plan, users will get access to Sony and SAB TV channels’ shows live, Indian movies, kids content, KBC Playalong, and entertainment live channels. The plan allows only one device streaming at a time with five profiles. This plans also displays ads across all categories.

Next up is the LIV Special+ plan, which offers the same content as the Special plan. However, in this plan, the ads are played only when streaming live TV content. This plan is priced at Rs 399 for 12 months.

Sony LIV Premium plan: price

The top-of-the-line LIV Premium offers access to the entire catalogue of the OTT service. Apart from the content offered by LIV special plans, Premium also offers SonyLIV original shows, movies, live sports, Hollywood movies, international shows, and all live channels. Two individuals can watch on the same ID at the same time and users can also download content for offline viewing.

The SonyLIV premium is priced at Rs 299, Rs 699 and Rs 999 for one, six and 12 months respectively. These plans can be purchased from the official website or app of the provider.

Sony LIV WWE Network plan: price

The Sony LIV WWE Network plan is for the fans of WWE in India. The plan only offers access to exclusive WWE content like live events, PPVs, WWE NXT, WWE RAW, and WWE Smackdown. This plan offers concurrent watching on one screen and five profiles. WWE fans can subscribe to the plan for 12 months at Rs 299.

Sony LIV subscription: how to buy

Sony LIV subscription can be purchased from the app or website

Sony LIV subscription can be purchased from the app or website

How to sign up for Sony LIV

Interested users can purchase Sony LIV subscription directly from the website of the OTT platform. You will need to sign up for Sony LIV using thee following steps.

  1. Enter your mobile number
  2. If you want to sign-up using an email or social account, click on the ‘Email of Social Account’ button
  3. In case you opt for mobile number, you will be required to enter an OTP
  4. If you choose email or social media account, it will connect and login directly

How to purchase Sony LIV subscription

Sony LIV is offering AJIO and Myntra coupons with every purchase

Sony LIV is offering AJIO and Myntra coupons with every purchase

Once you have signed up, you can visit the official website of Sony LIV and click on the Premium tab on the top. After that, you can follow the below steps to purchase a plan of your choice.

  1. Choose between LIV Premium and LIV Special or Special+ on the next page
  2. Select the plan duration you wish to purchase
  3. Tap on proceed
  4. Make payment using the preferred method (cards, netbanking, UPI, digital wallet, PayPal and LazyPay)
  5. Start watching

Sony LIV also offers a couple of vouchers upon signing up for Sony LIV Premium including ‘AJIO’ and ‘MYNTRA’. Users can pick any one of these codes by clicking on ‘Avail great offers’ button and get discounts on AJIO and Myntra. The AJIO code offers Rs 1,000 discount voucher and MYNTRA promises discount voucher up to Rs 999.717


In case you are a new Sony LIV subscriber or planning to purchase a subscription, you might have a number of questions. Here are  some frequently asked questions and their answers

How do I use the Sony LIV app?

In case you are a new user, you will need to download the app on your smartphone before you can start using it. Below are the steps to use SonyLIV app.

  1. Download Sony LIV app from Play Store or App Store
  2. Open the app and enter your mobile number or email/social account
  3. Tap on ‘Continue’
  4. Enter the OTP and tap on ‘Sign in’
  5. Select a plan and make payment
  6. Start watching

How do I subscribe to Sony LIV?

In order to subscribe, you will have to choose between various plans offered by SonyLIV. Users have the option to choose from Sony LIV Special, Sony LIV Special+ and Sony LIV Premium. The first two offer limited access to the content library of Sony LIV and the Premium offers full access.

Interested users can subscribe to preferred Sony LIV plan from the app or the official website of the OTT platform. Once you have signed up for SonyLIV, you can head to My Account section on the website or app and sign up for the preferred plan.

  1. Open website or app
  2. Go to ‘My Account’
  3. Tap on ‘Go Premium’
  4. Select between Sony LIV Special, Special+ and Premium
  5. Tap on ‘Proceed’
  6. Make payment using your preferred mode of payment
  7. You’re now subscribed

How can I watch Sony LIV for free?

Sony LIV is a freemium service, which means that a lot of Sony LIV content is free to watch without registering. However, the free content is ad-supported, which means users who want to watch Sony LIV content for free will be shown ads between shows. Free users can watch also live TV channels but with a five-minute delay.

Is Sony LIV app paid?

The Sony LIV app is a freemium service, which means users can enjoy most of its content for free with ads, including live TV channels. However, to watch international shows, live sports events, and Sony LIV original shows, users will have to sign-up for premium service. The Sony LIV Premium price in India is set at Rs Rs 299, Rs 699 and Rs 999 for one, six and 12 months, respectively.

Does Sony LIV have free trial?

As of now, Sony LIV is not offering any free trial offer for new subscribers. However, the OTT platform keeps offering free trial from time to time. In any case, most of the content on Sony LIV except International TV shows and Sony Liv Originals can be watched for free with ads.

What is Sony LIV Special?

The Sony LIV Special is the base plan offered by the OTT platform, which retails at Rs 199 for one year. Users who subscribed to this plan can watch Sony and SAB TV channels’ shows live, Indian movies, kids content, KBC Playalong, and entertainment live channels. Users will be shown ads across all content as part of this plan.

How many users can use Sony LIV?

With the Sony LIV Special and Special+ plans, only one user can watch Sony LIV content at a time. However, they can create up to five profiles. However, those who opt for a Premium subscription get two concurrent viewers, which mean two persons can watch using the same ID at a time.

Is Sony LIV Premium free for Jio users?

As of now, Jio is not offering Sony LIV Premium subscription to mobile users. However, Jio Fiber users get a Sony LIV subscription free. Jio Fiber users on a monthly plan of Rs 999 and above, 3-month plan of Rs 2,997 or above, 6-month plan of Rs 5,994 and above, or annual plan of Rs 11,988 and above are eligible for free Sony LIV Premium subscription.

What are the charges for Sony LIV?

Sony LIV offers multiple plans for its users in India. Below is the list of Sony LIV plans in India and their prices.

Sony LIV plan nameDurationPrice
Sony LIV Premium1 monthRs 299
Sony LIV Premium6 monthsRs 699
Sony LIV Premium12 monthsRs 999
Sony LIV Special12 monthsRs 199
Sony LIV Special+12 monthsRs 399

Why is Sony LIV app not working?

There could be various reasons for the Sony LIV app to stop working, not respond or keep crashing. The most common reasons include an old version of the Sony LIV app, cache issue or old Android/iOS version. These can be fixed in a few simple steps.

Update Sony LIV app

  1. Head to Play Store or App Store on your smartphone
  2. Search for SonyLIV app
  3. In case there’s an update, you will see ‘Update’ button in place of open
  4. Click on Update
  5. Once done, check if the app is opening for you

If the above method doesn’t work for you or your app is already on the latest version, follow the next step which is to clear all data and cache.

Clear all data and cache, and enable app permissions of the Sony LIV app

On Android devices:
  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll Down to ‘App & Notifications’
  3. Click on ‘See all ## apps’
  4. Scroll down to SonyLIV app and click on it
  5. Tap on ‘Storage & cache’
  6. On the next page click on ‘Clear cache’ and ‘Clear storage’
On iOS devices:

There’s no option to clear cache and storage on iOS devices. If you are on an iOS device, the only solution is to uninstall and reinstall the SonyLIV app on your iPhone or iPad.

Update your OS version

How to update Android:
  1. On your Android smartphone, open Settings
  2. Scroll down to System and tap on it
  3. Click on Advanced
  4. Tap on System update
  5. If you have a new update, you’ll see an ‘Update & Install’ button
  6. Click on the update button and follow the on-screen instructions
How to update iOS:
  1. On your iOS device go to Settings>General
  2. Tap on Software Update
  3. If there’s an update, you’ll see a ‘Download and Install’ button
  4. To update immediately tap on Install
  5. You can also choose from Install Tonight or Remind Me Later
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