Sony will reportedly launch a rollable tablet by early 2020

On: July 8, 2019

After Huawei and Samsung, it is now Sony‘s turn to make a mark in the foldable device market. The new device is a tablet, and comes with a ‘Nautilus Design’ which at least, in theory, looks better than that of Huawei and Samsung. In other words, Nautilus design allows users to roll the screen as opposed to the other brands, which offer flexible displays that can only be folded.

It seems like Sony is following a different approach after its downfall in the smartphone segment. Max J, who runs @Samsung_News_ is a well-known source for leaking information specially related to Samsung devices. He has now leaked many vital elements of the new device from Sony, which is a bit surprising, but might still be reliable given his track record with Samsung. 

In a tweet, he revealed that the prototype will feature a 3,220mAh battery, 10x zoom camera and an LG-display, while the retail model will come with a Snapdragon 855 SoC and Qualcomm X50 5G modem. Moreover, the device seems to be quite far along in development, and will reportedly be launched in the market by December 2019 or early 2020.

More details are yet to be revealed. This device would surely provide fierce competition to Huawei and Samsung. That being said Samsung has already announced the Galaxy Fold smartphone and we hope that Sony doesn’t take too long in revealing the new device.