Spider-Man 2 12-Minute Gameplay Unveils Miles’ Web Wings, Symbiote Spider-Man, and More: Here’s Have A Look


  • Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay video was released, showcasing thrilling gameplay and new details
  • Peter Parker dons the iconic Symbiote black suit, offering unique abilities and combat mechanics
  • Exciting new powers and takedowns involving tendrils are introduced for an enhanced gaming experience

Sony and Insomniac Games delighted Spidey fans with the release of a 12-minute gameplay video of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 during the PlayStation Showcase. This long-awaited sequel, set to launch in the fall, provides exciting new details after the initial teaser from 2021. Below, you can watch the captivating 12-minute gameplay footage and explore the key highlights.

Since the initial announcement trailer in 2021, it was no secret that Venom would be featured in Spider-Man 2. While Venom doesn’t make an appearance in the recent gameplay trailer, we do get to witness Peter Parker wearing the iconic Symbiote black suit, which brings along its unique set of abilities. Insomniac Games promises an enjoyable experience as players utilize Symbiote Spider-Man by making effective use of the L1 button. The combat mechanics appear as impressive as anticipated, with the introduction of new powers and takedowns involving tendrils.

Gliding Feature

Spider-Man 2 introduces the exciting feature of playing as two Spider-Men. Players will have the ability to seamlessly switch between these characters with a simple button press. Furthermore, both Spider-Men receive upgrades, one of which includes the addition of Web Wings. These Web Wings enhance traversal across the sprawling city of New York, adding a new layer of enjoyment to the experience. The gameplay video showcases Miles Morales utilizing his Web Wings to gracefully glide through the city, chasing after the formidable Lizard with incredible speed.

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Kraven Debut

Making his debut in this Spider-Man universe, Kraven the Hunter emerges as a significant character, embarking on his “Great Hunt” in the city of New York. While specific details about Kraven’s abilities in the game remain undisclosed, it is known that he is on a quest for an adversary who can match his prowess. Both Spider-Men will find themselves confronted not only by the menacing Symbiote threat but also by the formidable presence of Kraven the Hunter, adding an additional layer of terror and challenge to their heroic endeavours.

New Spider Tricks

In order to keep things exciting and fresh, a highly-anticipated sequel like Spider-Man 2 introduces new gadgets and abilities, and Insomniac Games aims to deliver on that front. The showcased gameplay footage unveils the innovative Web Line feature, enabling the Spider-Men to navigate the environment stealthily and gain the upper hand on enemies in a literal sense. Alongside this, a new dual takedown ability is demonstrated, showcasing the devastating impact it has on adversaries. In terms of gadgets, Miles’ Spider-Man demonstrates the remarkable Web Grabber, which pulls enemies together into a concentrated area. Additionally, electrifying gadgets like Thunder Burst and Chain Lightning are introduced, captivating the audience with their stunning visual effects.