Spotify support finally comes to Amazon Echo devices in India

On: June 26, 2020

Back in 2016, Spotify rolled out support for Amazon Echo devices for premium subscribers in select markets. Last year, in November, the support was extended to free-tier subscribers as well but again in select markets. However, the service was not rolled out in India despite it being a fast growing market for the company.

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Now, the Swedish company has finally rolled out support for the app to Alexa-enabled devices in the country with the Amazon Echo being the first to receive it. With the new addition, Alexa now supports all major music streaming platforms in the country. Users can now ask Alexa to play their favourite playlists on Spotify or a particular song on the platform.

Spotify now rolling out to Alexa devices in India

Spotify was already available on Alexa abroad

You can now listen to Spotify on your Echo speaker

Amazon has been adding support for major music streaming services to Alexa in India, but Spotify was missing from its dossier until now. Now, with the addition of Spotify, Alexa supports Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Hungama, JioSaavn, Gaana and TuneIn Radio. Users can now ask Alexa to play specific playlists they have created on Spotify, or even podcasts.

To set up Spotify on Alexa, users will have to open the Alexa app on their smartphone, navigate to the Play section and scroll to the bottom. Users will then be able to select Spotify from the list of streaming services. Those setting it up for the first time will need to either register a new account or link an existing Spotify account.

Once you have linked the Spotify account to your Echo device, the speaker will show up on Spotify’s ‘Devices Available’ on the Now Playing screen. So, if you are playing music on your smartphone through Spotify, you can have it play through your Echo device instead. Users can also directly ask Alexa to play Spotify content with voice commands like  “Alexa, play my Daily Mix 1 on Spotify” or “Alexa, play A R Rahman songs on Spotify”, among others.

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