Spotify Introduces Rewards Program with Premium Mini Plans for Asia


  • The new Rewards Program is here in India.
  • It gives you Rewards for using the Premium Mini plan
  • The feature is yet to be live in India

Spotify has launched a new Rewards Program in India and other Asian countries. The new Rewards Program is available only with Premium Mini plans and rewards you for various challenges.

Spotify’s product manager Szymon Kopeć tweeted the announcement of this new feature on Twitter.

As you can see from the screenshot he shared, Spotify will have a new Rewards section on the bottom for users on the Premium Mini plan.

It has three sections: Challenges, Rewards, and Help.

  • Challenges: Various challenges in Rewards Program will be displayed here. The screenshot shows that the challenge is to use Premium Mini for ten days in the next 30 Days.
  • Rewards: The rewards section should show the available Rewards, but on the screenshot, no Rewards are shown as of now. You’ll receive more Rewards as you keep using Premium Mini.
  • Help: The help section should show the support needed for the Spotify Rewards program.

Kopeć says the one shown in the screenshot is just an example, and more Challenges and Rewards will be available on Spotify soon.

Kopeć or the company has not publicised more official details of the Rewards Program. We will know more about it as the feature starts officially rolling out in the country.

What is Spotify Premium Mini?

The Premium Mini plan from Spotify gives you access to Ad-free music and Downloads like the Premium plan for a day or a week.

Premium Mini costs Rs 7 for a day and Rs 25 for a week. It gives you access to almost all the features of the Spotify Premium plan (monthly or yearly), barring a few features.

It lets you access Spotify without any Ads and also enables you to download songs (up to 30 songs only on one device). It doesn’t give you access to higher quality audio streaming from Spotify Premium of 320kbps (Very High); it streams at 160kbps (High).