Stella Buzz e-scooter arrives in India: Specifications, price, availability 


  • Stella Moto originally announced the Buzz e-scooter for India last month
  • The battery of the new e-scooter has been designed with fire resistance in mind
  • Deliveries of the Stella Buzz are expected to begin later this month

Stella Moto, a unit of the Jaidka Group, unveiled the Stella Buzz e-scooter last month. We are now getting more information on the vehicle, including its price tag and range. The Buzz is designed to take on some of the mainstays of the e-scooter market, including the Ola S1 series.

Among the notable inclusions of the new e-scooter is a battery management system which relies on a dedicated microprocessor to keep tabs on the health of the onboard battery. Customers will be able to get the Stella Buzz delivered later this month in colours like Matte Blue, Grey, Brown, and Red.  As 91Mobiles points out, the e-scooter will also include 3-year warranty coverage.

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Stella Buzz e-scooter specifications

The company is utilising a  2kW BLDC motor, capable of generating a top speed of 55 kmph. This is complemented by a 2.16 kWh lithium iron phosphate battery for an estimated range of 90 km on a full charge. Notably, the battery pack offers improved fire resistance compared to contemporary e-scooters currently available in the marketplace.

Thanks to the aforementioned microprocessor and a wide array of other sensors, customers can be assured that the Stella Buzz will constantly monitor the battery’s health. You will also find an anti-theft system built into the Buzz in addition to a digital speedometer, USB charging, and central locking, to name a few. The manufacturer says the Buzz can carry loads weighing up to 150 kg, making it an ideal choice for logistics providers.

Stella Buzz e-scooter price and availability

The Stella Buzz will be available for Rs 95,000 (ex-showroom), while the company hasn’t specified when it will reach customers, with Stella Moto only saying that deliveries will commence later this month.

Given that this is the company’s first foray into the Indian e-scooter business, it will have to compete with some of the industry’s mainstays, including the TVS iQube, and the recently launched Hero Vida lineup of electric scooters. Not to mention the Ola S1 and S1 Pro, which have taken the market by storm since their arrival last year.

Via: 91Mobiles