Super Mario Run For Android Launches; Download Now!

Nintendo finally released Super Mario Run for Android that was previously available on Play Store with an option to pre-register. Yes, you can download it on your [compatible] Android smartphones right away. The reason I brought up the nasty compatibility issue is I couldn’t download it on my Xiaomi Mi 5S. The funny part, all other phones under my account including a three-year old Xiaomi Mi3 were compatible. That’s strange! Finally, a colleague of mine came to rescue who could install it on his Asus Zenfone Max (2016).

I tried it out, and I must say, the gameplay was so dull that I quickly got exhausted of repeated thumb movements. Yikes! Mario keeps on running on his own through the courses and all you can do as a player is jump, gather coins, and reach the goal. Boring stuff! As I mentioned in my previous story, the game is based on three modes – World Mode, Toad Rally, and Kingdom Builder. It starts with World Tour Mode and then proceeds to Toad Rally. But I eventually gave up and returned the phone back to my colleague before even jumping to Kingdom Builder.

It goes without saying, your experience with Super Mario Run may differ than mine. Whatever the case maybe, don’t forget to download it and let me know in comments below.

Tanmay Patange

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