Tata Play: How to add or remove channel through call, SMS, website and Tata Play Mobile app

Tata Play, India’s leading DTH provider, segregates channels based on region and genre, thereby allowing users to choose what they would want to watch. As there are a lot of options for channels on Tata Play, subscribers are free to add or remove the channels that they prefer. In case you want to catch up on the ongoing Asia Cup 2023 on Star Sports network channels, you can easily do so on Tata Play if you don’t already have the required channel added to your pack.

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These features are especially useful when the packs themselves have extra channels that the subscribers don’t need, or if they want to try a single channel that they are interested in, without paying for the entire pack. Let’s have a look at the different ways to add or remove channels on Tata Play, through the website, app, customer care number, and SMS.

How to add channel in Tata Play

Say you want to add Star Sports 1 or 2 to your channel pack to watch the ICC T20 World Cup matches. There are a few methods to add channels in Tata Play. Here, you can have a look at three different methods to add your desired channel to your subscriber account.

How to add Tata Play channel through SMS

  1. Have the Tata Play channel list handy
  2. Find the channel name and associated number of the channel that you want to add to your Tata Play account
  3. Open your phone’s SMS app
  4. Type ADD <Channel number for Tata Play> (For example, ADD <359> for Sony Pix HD).
  5. Send the message to 56633

Do remember that this message is only valid if it has been sent through the registered mobile number for Tata Play.

How to add Tata Play channel through customer care

Although there are other methods to add a channel to your Tata Play service, the easiest one is often the most simple one. Calling the Tata Play Customer Care service requires lesser steps than any other method, and is an easy option for people who are not that comfortable with technology. Here’s what you can do to call the Customer Care Service and add a channel:

  1. Call the Tata Play Customer Care Service number: 1800-208-6633. The number is toll-free
  2. You need to know your subscriber ID beforehand as the customer service agent will be asking for this detail, and the region the Tata Play service is registered at
  3. Go through the Tata Play channel list and find the channel name and number for the channel that you want to add. Specify the name and number to the agent when asked
  4. The Tata Play Customer Service Agent will then share the payment link with you via SMS. They will also activate the payment link on the Tata Play Mobile app through your account
  5. Pay using whichever method you prefer. Your new channel is now added to your Tata Play service

How to add a Tata Play channel through the Tata Play Mobile app

The Tata Play Mobile app is available for both Android and iOS platforms and is an easy one-stop solution for most Tata Play issues. The app is well-designed and has provisions for a lot of queries. This includes checking the Tata Play channels, your recharge validity, recharging the service, and different packs to cater to different members of your family. More importantly, you can add your desired channel to your Tata PLay service through the Tata Play Mobile app. Here’s how:

  1. Open the Tata Play mobile app
  2. On the top right corner, you will find the Profile option. Tap on it
  3. Go to the ‘My Tata Play’ option.
  4. Out of all the options, find the option that says ‘Manage Packs’ and tap on it
  5. There will be a section called ‘Your Subscription’. Select it
  6. Tap on the ‘Modify Packs’ option, and you can now go through a list of channels you are subscribed to
  7. Scroll down further, and you will find the ‘Tata Play Packs’ option
  8. Choose the desired channels from the list that is now in front of you
  9. Once you’re done choosing, tap on the ‘Select and Proceed’ option
  10. The next page that pops up will show you the list of channels you have selected, and the total amount
  11. Make the payment once you are ready. The packs/channels will be added to your subscription

How to add the Tata Play channel online

The Tata Play website is quite intuitive in nature and the user interface makes it easy to add channels to your Tata Play subscription. Just follow the steps below to add your preferred channel.

  1. Open your browser and click on this link
  2. Navigate to the option called ‘Existing Customer’
  3. Move to the ‘Go To My Account’ option available on the next page
  4. Keep your subscriber ID on hand as you will need to enter it. If you don’t have your subscriber ID, your registered mobile number for Tata Play will also work
  5. Select whether you want Standard Definition (SD) quality channels or High Definition (HD) channels
  6. You will now be shown a list of the available channels for the picture quality you have chosen
  7. Select the channels you want to add to your subscription
  8. Now you can make the payment for the channels that you have chosen
  9. After the payment is done, the channel(s) will be added to your account on Tata Play

How to remove channel from Tata Play

Just like adding channels in Tata Play, removing channels in Tata Play isn’t all that difficult either. There are multiple methods to remove channels on Tata Play, and you can choose the one that conveniences you the most. Here are the different ways in which you can remove channels from your Tata Play subscription.

How to remove Tata Play channel through SMS

  1. Open your phone’s messaging app.
  2. Keep the channel or pack name and code handy, as you will need to provide this information
  3. Type “DROP <channel code for Tata Play>”. For example, “DROP 359”, for Sony Pix HD
  4. Send the message to 56633 from your registered mobile number
  5. Once the message has been sent, you should get a notification from Tata Play confirming that they have deactivated the channel on your account

How to remove Tata Play channel through Customer Care

Tata Play’s Customer Care Service agents tend to be quite helpful with your queries and you can instruct them to remove or deactivate a channel/pack on your account as well. Here’s how you go about doing this.

  1. Call the toll-free number for Tata Play at 1800-208-6633
  2. You will be redirected to the Customer Service Agent who will ask for your subscriber ID and your region of registration
  3. After these details have been provided, you can ask the Customer Service Agent to deactivate the channel by giving the channel name and code to them
  4. They will confirm the deactivation/removal and will send you the confirmation as an SMS. You might also receive a notification through your Tata Play app on your mobile phone

How to remove Tata Play channel through Tata Play mobile app

The Tata Play mobile app also allows you to remove channels that you no longer want. Let’s see how you deactivate a channel or pack on Tata Play.

  1. Open the Tata Play app on your Android mobile or iPhone
  2. Tap on the ‘Profile’ option in the top right corner. There may also be a ‘search’ button on the top right. You can tap on that too. This will show your account details
  3. Tap on ‘My Tata Play’. You will be redirected to a host of options
  4. Click on the ‘Manage Packs’ option
  5. Navigate to the ‘Your Subscription’ section and select it
  6. Now you will be shown the option of ‘Modify Packs’. Tap on this
  7. A list will be shown for all the packs that you are subscribed to. It also includes standalone channels that aren’t part of a pack
  8. Select the channels you no longer want
  9. Click on ‘Confirm’ and the changes will be seen in your account within the next 24 hours

How to remove Tata Play channel online

If none of the above alternatives works for you, you can always visit the Tata Play website. It provides many facilities and it can be used to remove a channel that you no longer want in your subscription. Follow these steps to remove the channel.

  1. Open the Tata Play website
  2. Click on the option called ‘Go To My Account’ on the landing page
  3. Provide the website with your registered mobile number. Alternatively, you can give your Subscriber ID
  4. You will receive an OTP on your phone
  5. Verify your account using the OTP and then you will be redirected to your account
  6. The screen will now show you two options: ‘Balances and Charges’, and ‘Recharge your DTH account’
  7. On the right of the screen, you should see the option called ‘Your Pack’
  8. Click on it, and it will show all the packs and channels that you have subscribed to
  9. Next to each category, there should be a Plus (+) sign. Click on the first one to reveal a drop-down list
  10. Remove the packs and channels that you don’t want by unchecking the boxes next to them
  11. Click on the ‘Select and Proceed’ option once you are done
  12. A window will then appear showing you all the changes you have made so far
  13. Click on ‘Confirm’ when you are done with your review
  14. You will be shown a confirmation message, and the relevant changes to your account will be done within 24 hours


How can I find my Tata Play Subscriber ID?

Tata Play comes with a subscriber ID that is unique to each customer. There are times when you need to provide the subscriber ID and all its related information to the technician or the customer care agent. If you are not sure how to find your subscriber ID or have misplaced it, there are a few ways to get it back.

  1. There’s a ‘Home’ button present on your Tata Play remote. If you press it while the TV is switched on and the Tata Play service is active, the subscriber ID will be displayed on the screen
  2. You can also give a missed call on the toll-free number 080-61-9999-11. Once your missed call has been registered by Tata Play, they will send an SMS to your registered mobile number which will contain your subscriber ID and details of the packs that are active on your account
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