Tata Sky will discontinue 11 custom channel packs from December 19th

On: December 7, 2020

Tata Sky, the largest Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator in India, will be discontinuing several custom channel packs starting December 19th. Notably, the company had recently discontinued a total of 36 packages in October 2020. Now, Tata Sky has announced that it will discontinue an additional 11 channel packs this month.

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The company has already listed the names of the packs to be discontinued on its website. These custom packages include vernacular packages like Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Odia and Telugu. Apart from these, there are several Hindi language packs also listed on the website. Let’s take a look at all packages and their details.

Tata Sky to discontinue 11 custom channel packs from December 19th

Tata Sky is discontinuing 11 channel packs from December 19th

Tata Sky is discontinuing 11 channel packs from December 19th

Tata Sky will discontinue several Indian vernacular custom channel packs, as well as some Hindi channel packs, starting from December 19th in India. The Hindi channel packs include Hindi Bachat – 30 channels, Hindi Lite – 66 channels, Hindi Lite HD – 68 channels, and Hindi Smart – 34 channels.

The service provider will also discontinue the Bengali Lite, Odia Lite HD, Telugu Lite with eight, 63 and 17 channels, respectively. A couple of Gujarati packs including Gujarati Lite with 63 channels and Gujarati Lite HD with 66 channels will also be discontinued. Lastly, Kannada Lite and Kanada Lite Plus with 20 and 43 channels are also on the list.

Discontinued packs Pack price Channels Nearest fit pack Pack price Channel
Bengali Lite Rs 199.4 8 Bengali Lite New Rs 210 10
Gujarati Lite Rs 299.13 63 Gujarati Lite New Rs 300 64
Gujarati Lite HD Rs 391.52 66 Gujarati lite New HD Rs 395 67
Hindi Bachat Rs 179.4 30 Hindi Bachat New Rs 190 32
Hindi Lite Rs 299.13 66 Hindi Lite New Rs 300 67
Hindi Lite HD Rs 391.52 68 Hindi Lite New HD Rs 395 69
Hindi Smart Rs 249.4 34 Hindi Smart New Rs 260 36
Kannada Lite Rs 199.4 20 Kannada Lite New Rs 210 22
Kannada Lite Plus Rs 249.4 43 Kannada Lite Plus New Rs 265 45
Odia Lite HD Rs 415.47 63 Odia lite New HD Rs 420 64
Telugu Lite Rs 199.4 17 Telugu Lite New Rs 210 19

Just like it did in October, Tata Sky will transition the users of these packs to the nearest fit pack, which will have all the channels that they are currently subscribed to. In order to modify their packs and add or drop channels, users will need to login to Tata Sky mobile app or on Tata Sky website.

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