Tata Sky Remote: price in India, where to buy online, how to operate on mobile

Tata Sky is the largest DTH operator in India with over 2 crore subscribers. It offers 601 channels, which include 495 SD channels and 99 HD channels. One of the biggest concerns most of the DTH users face these days is the dysfunction of the remote control after a few months or years of usage. The most common reason for the remote becoming unresponsive is physical damage. 

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Many users might not know that they can buy the original remote from Tata Sky at a cheap cost, and purchase a counterfeit remote from local sellers instead. We are now going to talk about the various options that users have to buy a new and original Tata Sky remote.

Tata Sky new remote price

Tata Sky offers two types of remote controls for its set top boxes that include SD set top box, HD set top box, 4K set top box, PVR box, HD PVR set top box and +HD set top box. The new remote prices for each set top box are given below:

Tata Sky set-top box type Tata sky remote price
SD set top box Rs 200
HD set top box Rs 200
4K set top box Rs 200
PVR set top box Rs 375
HD PVR set top box Rs 375
+HD set top box Rs 375

While the PVR, HD PVR, and +HD set top boxes come with a voice-enabled remote control, the SD, HD and 4K set top boxes come with a regular infrared remote. All Tata Sky remotes function as universal remotes, which means they can be used to operate both the DTH set top box and TV.

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How to order Tata Sky remote by call

Tata Sky DTH users can place an order for a new and original DTH remote by dialing the Tata Sky helpline numbers – 1800 208 6633, 1860 120 6633 or 1860 500 6633. Tata Sky executives will then deliver the new remote to their mentioned delivery address. 

Tata Sky Universal Remote

Tata Sky Universal Remote

How to buy Tata Sky DTH remote online

Tata Sky universal remotes are available on Popular online stores like Amazon and Flipkart at a price that is way cheaper than that offered by the operator. However, the authenticity of the remotes is doubtful as Tata Sky does not sell them officially. Going by reviews, we have compiled and listed down a few links from which users can buy.

Buy Tata Sky remote on Flipkart

  1. Tata Sky original universal remote with two free AAA batteries: Buy now
  2. Tata Sky universal genuine remote: Buy now

Buy Tata Sky remote on Amazon

  1. Tata Sky universal remote compatible for SD and HD set top boxes: Buy now
  2. Tata Sky universal remote: Buy now

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How to operate Tata Sky DTH set top box on mobile

Tata Sky DTH set top box can be operated with a smartphone when the remote isn’t handy or when it is not working. Not every mobile phone can be used as a remote control; only smartphones from brands like Xiaomi Mi, Redmi, POCO and Huawei (select models) that have an Infrared Blaster (IR Blaster) can be used. The Mi, Redmi and POCO smartphones come pre-loaded with Mi Remote Controller app that must be configured to the set top box to start operating it. You can configure the app to the set top box in few easy steps

  1. Open the Mi Remote Controller app (If you don’t have it, then download it from this link)
  2. Click on the set-top box icon
  3. Select Tata Sky from the available  list of manufacturers.
  4. Execute the test until you notice the set top box starts responding to your operations
  5. Tap ‘Yes’ when the device responds
  6. Rename the device to ‘Tata Sky Remote’
  7. You can add the remote as shortcut on your mobile home screen

How to use Tata Sky DTH universal remote to operate TV

Users can use Tata Sky’s universal remote to control TV’s power, volume, mute and AV programming and it includes a one time configuration. Check out our detailed step-by-step guide to configure:

  1. Turn on your TV set
  2. Press the TV power button and the set top box power button simultaneously till you see the LED blinking twice.
  3. Point the DTH remote at the TV set 
  4. You need to then press and hold the number button which has the first alphabet of your TV brand (Eg., button 7 for Sony, Realme, Phillips, Panasonic, button 9 for Xiaomi, etc.) until the TV set switches off.
  5. The remote is now successfully configured to operate your TV set.