The Jet Black iPhone 7 Comes in a Box that is as Unique as the Phone Itself

No matter which sides the tables have turned, be it upside down, sides up (or perhaps stood still) since the launch of the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, the world is a different place with yet another iPhone. The key attraction of the recent Apple iPhone launch has to be the Jet Black variant. It is not only unique in its own way but also the one like never before. To recall, the iPhone 3G and the 3Gs in the black variants were plastic clad than the metallic exterior of the 7. As repetitive as it may sound, the Jet Black unit that comes in only 128GB and 256GB storage options, looks pretty stunning, thanks to its all new high-gloss mirror-like finish. In the event that you are wondering that uniqueness is limited to the device alone, which deserves a huge appreciation, you may want to check out its box. The retail box that is.


The box that contains the Jet Black iPhone 7 is as unique as the phone itself. Considering the way Apple did things in past, the box factor was always out of everyone’s sight as there was nothing much to point or talk about. Simply put, Apple’s packaging has always been minimalistic and perhaps understated. This time, however, the Jet Black iPhone 7 comes in a box, which is different from the ones that pack other iPhone 7 variants. The black colored box containing the Jet Black iPhone 7 has the backside image embossed on the front of the box, something Apple has done for the first time, with the usual precision. Usually, the packaging contains the embossed image of the front of the iPhone in a neat white packaging. However, looks like the special kid in the house is getting special treatment, and for a good reason too.


Tanmay Patange

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