PC version of The Last of Us Part I delayed until the end of March


  • PC users will have to wait longer as Developer announces delay
  • The newfound interest generated in the game is due to the popular live-action HBO show


Developer Naughty Dog has announced the delay of The Last of Us Part I’s PC release by a few weeks. It was originally scheduled for early March but will now arrive at the end of that month. A tweet by developer Naughty Dog revealed that the PC release of The Last of Us Part I will now take place on March 28 instead of March 3, as originally announced.

In 2013, The Last of Us Part I was released as a remake of the original game. Currently, it is only available on PS5, but a PC port is in development. There is also a live-action series adaptation of the game available right now, so the franchise is trending online. 

According to reports, Naughty Dog, responding to the rekindled interest in the HBO series, stated, “It amazes us every day that the world and characters our studio created nearly a decade ago continue to resonate with new and old fans alike. Hearing your love of the HBO adaptation, seeing your gorgeous Photo Mode images, and learning about how fans love the HBO adaptation keeps enthralling us.”

 The Last Of Us – All About the Series and Show

As a result of an outbreak of an infectious fungus that turns human hosts into deadly monsters in 2003, the world was left in ruins. Twenty years later, survivor Joel (Pascal) is forced to travel across America with teenage orphan Ellie (Ramsey) – who holds a potentially world-altering secret. Meanwhile, there is something thrilling about the show when it deviates from its original blueprint. The major plot points remain the same, but several episodes go off-piste in glorious ways. One of the most brilliant episodes is the third, which tells the complete story of Bill, a previously minor character played by Nick Offerman. 

One of the most stunning things about this wonderful adaptation is how true it has remained to the world around which it weaves its characters. Furthermore, the show has a much greater scale now that HBO has come into play.