‘The Wheel of Time S2’ OTT Release Details: Season 2 of Rosamund Pike’s Series to stream on Amazon Prime Video on September 1


  • The first season of The Wheel of Time received positive reviews from fans and critics
  • Season 2 is said to be packed with exciting plot twists which will aim at keeping the audience hooked
  • Fans can watch The Wheel of Time: S2 on Amazon Prime  Video on September 1

Fantasy show enthusiasts can rejoice as the the highly anticipated announcement of the Season 2 of ‘The Wheel of Time’ has been made. Following the success of the first season of the epic series, fans can look forward to delving deeper into the beloved fantasy saga, as the show aims to leave a lasting impression again. Below are the details about The Wheel of Time: Season 2

The Wheel of Time S2: OTT Release Details

Fans can watch The Wheel of Time: Season 2 on Amazon Prime Video on September 1, 2023. Sharing the announcement through a media release, the statement said, “Prime Video Reveals The Wheel of Time Season Two Premiere Date and First-Look Images. The acclaimed hit fantasy series, based on Robert Jordan’s series of best-selling novels, will premiere on September 1.”

The Wheel of Time: Cast and Crew

The show Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Zoë Robins, Madeleine Madden, Marcus Rutherford, Dónal Finn, and Ceara Coveney. Adapted for television by executive producer and showrunner Rafe Judkins, the show has a long list of executive producers. Rosamund Pike also serves as co-executive producer and Harriet McDougal, Brandon Sanderson, and Lauren Selig are consulting producers. The Wheel of Time is co-produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television Studios.

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The Wheel of Time: Trailer and Premise

Adapted from Robert Jordan’s bestselling novels, a young farm boy named Rand al’Thor discovers he is the prophesied savior known as The Dragon Reborn. As he grapples with his immense power and encroaching madness, a formidable army of sorceresses must safeguard him from the Dark One’s influence.

In Season Two, the friends from the Two Rivers face new and ancient threats, seeking strength within themselves and each other as they confront the looming Last Battle between the forces of Light and Dark.

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The Wheel of Time: Review and IMDb Rating

The show received mixed reviews from critics and was praised for its visual spectacle. Besides this, impressive production values and a richly imagined fantasy world that captured the essence of Jordan’s universe were also lauded. However, some reviewers criticized the narrative execution, citing challenges with pacing and the management of complex storylines. While the dedicated performances and strong chemistry among the cast were acknowledged, these elements were offset by concerns about the overwhelming plot and its impact on viewer engagement. Users on IMDb have given The Wheel of Time a rating of 6.1/10


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