The Windows Phone Dilemma! To Lumia or Not To Lumia

Windows Phone is a fast rising smartphone platform and we have found the Lumia series to be one of the most popular on PriceBaba. Our personal belief if that a refreshing new OS backed by quality hardware does a lot of good to the consumers. We would love to recommend the Lumia to several users (of course depending on their needs) and given the recent price drop for the Lumia 800, it sure is a good deal. However with the Windows Phone 8 coming into the picture, things have changed.

Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8

It is an old news that Windows Phone 8 won’t support the current lot including Lumia 710, 800 & 900. While it would invite some protest, there is little we can do. We can live with a big shift in the platform and settle for Windows 7.8 on these older devices. But lack of clarity from Microsoft is hurting the WP ecosystem. 

We hoped that the WP 7.8 rollout schedule & detailed notes on updates and limitation would be revealed at today’s event. That didn’t happen. Heck, we don’t even know a concrete shipping date or pricing for the Windows Phone 8 series.

We are sure, in coming weeks Nokia, HTC and Samsung would reveal their roadmap – pricing and availability. But until that happens, how do we ask users to wait for a Windows Phone? How do we recommend the Lumia 800 if we aren’t sure about the arrival of Windows Phone 7.8?

Don’t get us wrong, we love to see competition. Windows Phone is refreshing. It has its own uphill task, and we like what we are seeing so far. However, it is hard to recommend one at the moment, given the uncertainty.

Dear Microsoft, there is a gap in the ecosystem for mass market smartphone platforms. Updates, updates, updates and updates. That’s an easy one, pick it before it is gone.


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