There Won’t Be Any iPhone 5

It is an old debate but we still keep hearing about it. So taking some time off with courage on a Monday evening to help you with this.

The Upcoming Apple iPhone Which Is Expected To Launch Anytime Ranging From August To October Depending On What Rumors You Listen To, Won’t Be Called “iPhone 5” 

If Apple was to call it iPhone<space><Version Number> It would be iPhone 6. How? Here’s how:

First iPhone in 2007 (iPhone 1)

iPhone 2g - 1st Generation

Second iPhone in 2008 (iPhone 2 or iPhone 3G as officially named)

iPhone 3G - 2nd Gen

Third iPhone in 2009 (iPhone 3 or iPhone 3GS as officially named)

iPhone 3GS - 3nd Gen

Fourth iPhone in 2010 (iPhone 4 and yes officially named iPhone 4)

iPhone 4 - 4th Gen

Fifth iPhone in 2011 (iPhone 5 and yes named iPhone 4S)

iPhone 4S - 5th Gen

So the iPhone 5 that you were expecing was launched in 2011 and labelled as iPhone 4S. Your iPhone 5 has launched already 🙂

Going by the numbers, the next iPhone would be called the iPhone 6. But going by common sense, it might well be called “The New iPhone”



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