Thief in Noida mistakes Galaxy S10 Plus for OnePlus 9 Pro, returns it to owner

The OnePlus 9 Pro 5G seems to be in high demand, not just among potential customers, but with the more criminal elements of society as well. In a hilarious incident documented by a Twitter user Debayan Roy, a thief returned his Galaxy S10 Plus after realising that it’s not the newly launched OnePlus 9 Pro. The tweet has blown up on the micro-blogging platform with multiple users wondering should Roy be happy or embarrassed.

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Roy didn’t have to deal with the harrowing experience that follows a phone theft involving filing an FIR, trying to restore data, block the SIM card, and most importantly spend money on a new device. However, as he mentioned in his tweet, the whole incident has left him a “little numb” instead of feeling happy.

Phone snatcher returns Galaxy S10 Plus after mistaking it for OnePlus 9 Pro

Debayan Roy is a Special Correspondent with Bar and Bench and has previously worked with The Print and CNN News18. According to his tweet, he was texting on his Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus at the Sector-52 Metro Station in Noida. Someone wearing a black mask snatched the phone from his hand and started running.

To his surprise, the phone snatcher stopped mid-way, turned and ran toward him. What the thief said next to Roy is what had the Twitterati in splits. According to the tweet, the phone snatcher said “I thought this was the OnePlus 9 Pro model”. Thereafter, the thief dropped the phone on the floor and ran away.

Roy ended the tweet with the hashtag #WhatWasThis, which is fitting considering none of us expected this outcome. Twitter users poured into comments asking whether Roy was okay and some even asked if felt relieved or offended by the incident. And of course, a spate of hilarious responses followed.

Nonetheless, the incident has gone on to prove that even thieves are targeting the latest flagship models and won’t bother even if it’s a two-year-old high-end flagship. Notably, Samsung Galaxy S10+ was launched back in 2019 as the top-end Galaxy S-series variant starting from Rs. 73,900. On the other hand, the OnePlus 9 Pro is the latest top-end model from OnePlus starting at Rs 64,999.

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