Things to Look out for in Your Next Smartphone

Smartphones have a faster upgrade cycle than any other electronic gadget at the moment. By the time one gets used to the new smartphone they’ve just bought, there is another one launched with something new. While this change is inevitable there is that feeling of missing out on something new. The only way to not regret is to make a well-informed choice while picking your smartphone. We cannot predict stuff that will be introduced but hey, we can tell you the ones that will be mainstream soon.



If the Airtel girl hasn’t harassed you enough I’m going to ask the same thing, 4G hai? 4G is the latest in mobile communication in India and offers the highest data transfer speeds at the moment. Telecom providers are gunning to be the first ones to provide 4G connectivity across India. So if you don’t have 4G connectivity in your state yet, chances are you’ll have it in the next couple of months. Also, Telcos are offering 4G speeds at 3G prices allowing people to have a go at the fastest net connectivity for a bargain. Getting a phone with 4G is one of the must have at the moment. So while you check out the specifications on the phone, make sure that the phone supports the 4G bands that your phone provider operates on.

Fingerprint Scanner


Even if you aren’t a secret agent with tons of confidential data on your phone, you are better off getting a phone with a fingerprint scanner. While the whole fingerprint scanner drive was started by Apple with the iPhone 5s, you’ll find it on a phone for every possible budget. Manufacturers are happily adding this feature to the spec sheet of their phones. These scanners help in improving the security of your smartphone by securing it with the fingerprint. Once the phone is secured it is easy to unlock as well by simply placing your finger over the sensor which is most probably located at the front or back. The fingerprint scanner phones can also be used to authenticate payments if it supports wireless payment methods (Android Pay and Apple pay). Lastly, manufacturers have also enabled cool features like locking apps with the fingerprint as well as locking content within the app.       

USB Type C


We have all been used to the MicroUSB on our smartphones. This particular connector has seen the journey from feature phones all the way to flagship devices for more than half a decade. Things however, are about to change with the introduction of the new USB Type-C standard. The new port is reversible and can be used any side up. While this would help users connect the phones to chargers easily, it is also capable of charging phones a lot faster than the MicroUSB ones. Laptops have also started featuring Type C ports for both charging and data. So it is evident that it is the future if you don’t change your phone that often you should look out for one with a Type-C port.



While the processor on a smartphone dictates the performance, the RAM ensures that there are no hiccups. Processors have come a long way from the single core chips to the multi-core ones that we currently have but manufacturers still hold back when it comes to RAM. And we do get this question very often. How much RAM is enough? The answer to it is based on what kind of usage does your phone see and what year is this question asked. In 2016, if you are a heavy user who plays games on the phone and multi-tasks between multiple intensive apps then phones with 3GB RAM should be ideal for your case. But if you are a light user who uses the phone primarily for WhatsApp, social media apps like Facebook and calling then you would be immune to lags with 2GB of RAM. You can always opt for higher RAM if it fits in your budget but never compromise on it.



VoLTE is the next big thing in mobile telecom after 4G connectivity. VoLTE stands for Voice over LTE and it uses LTE connectivity to send voice data across. Typically in phones with 4G connectivity whenever a user gets a call, the phone switches to 3G to establish the call. On a VoLTE phone, as long as the network supports it, the phone can stay of 4G and take the call. The advantage is clearer calls and a shorter call connect time. Reliance Jio is one such network that is based on VoLTE. If you have a compatible handset, you can make full use of the facilities offered by the network.

These are the key things to look for in your next smartphone. Make sure to go across the specifications of your next phone and search for the points above. Having most of them will keep your phone from getting outdated for a longer time.

Aditya Shenoy

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    • O P D'COSTA
    • August 31, 2016

    Very nice, illustrative article.
    However I find that even Jio does not give the speed, which a network with 4g should have.
    The hype is just temporary and quality is not maintained. Today everyone rashes to Jio just because of the hype and free usage for 90 days.
    I am totally disappointed with Jio and it’s quality of service so far. It’s nearly a year since the testing is in progress.
    In fact the sampling should have been the best.

    • hari salunkhe
    • August 31, 2016

    For smartphone what capacity of battery, 2500,3000,3500,4000,4200mAh requird.

    • Lavanya
    • August 31, 2016

    It’s helpful

    • Hemant
    • September 18, 2016

    V.nice article Sir

    • bhasker
    • September 18, 2016

    thanks, quite useful information.

    • Harish
    • September 24, 2016

    Thanks a lot excellent suggestions. Continue the gut and unbiased views. Harish

    • September 24, 2016

    Seeing todays’ application and usage,
    Min 4000 mah battery is required for a normal user.

    • Sandeep
    • September 28, 2016

    Few more must-haves in phones u buy now
    1.4g sucks battery…heats up good battery backup (above 3000)needed.
    2.Camera-what’s the use of 4g video call without a good front-cam?so at least 5mp frontcam needed.

    • Sandeep
    • September 28, 2016

    Pls write an article with figures…
    As per sales,which smartphone is bestselling. ..rate them monthly
    In price range less than 5k,5k to 10k,10k to 15k,less than 20k, and above 20k…
    Will give better clarity n transparency on smartphones. ..hope it’s done sooner than later!

    • September 28, 2016

    Useful article Sir

  1. Things to look in buying a new smart phone:-
    1.) Battery should be more than 3000mah.
    2.) with gorilla glass
    3.) Ram to be 2 gb or more
    4.) Internal storage to be 32 gb.
    5.) finger print scanner to unlock for security

  2. Spot on Sreekanth. These are pretty much the things to look out for while buying a new smartphone. May I add fast charging to your list? 🙂

  3. It would completely depend on your usage. If you are a heavy user meaning you play a lot of games, watch movies on the phone or use GPS navigation then bigger the battery capacity, the better. If usage is limited to calls, WhatsApp and Facebook then 3000mAh should do just fine.

    • Nirmal
    • November 6, 2016

    Actually 10000. Who doesn’t prefer back up of 3 to 4 days without charging….

  4. 10000mAh will make the phone heavy and bulky. Also, the bigger battery will mean a longer charging time, not sure how many would prefer that. I for one don’t want to keep the phone on charging for long.

    • Nirmal
    • November 7, 2016

    When mobile phones where introduced in India it was very heavy and battery was only below 1000 mah, the scenario has changed now, 3000 mah battery is now lighter than 1000, and introduced fast charging also, technology is advancing every minute. So my concept of 10000 is not long enough.

    • Shivanand S Mudalagi
    • November 22, 2016

    Things to look in buying a new smart phone:-

    1.) Battery should be more than 4000 mah. above
    2.) with gorilla glass & water proof
    3.) Ram to be 4 GB or more
    4.) Internal storage to be 32 GB.
    5.) finger print scanner to unlock for security

    • sushil kumar sharma
    • January 30, 2017

    as per configuration price is compratively higher.

    • Dev Mall
    • February 18, 2017

    Which is the best 4g smartphone max and have 6 gb ram and 64 or 128 gb storage memory. Good camera at least 16 megapixel is a must and good battery about 4500mAh

    • Swadesh
    • April 12, 2017

    Well seeing all those tick boxes I would say Micromax Evok Power and Evok note along with Lenovo K6 power are the best under 10k…… Yes sir 128gb storage is available only In Micromax Dual 5 and OnePlus 3T at rs24999 and rs34999 respectively !!!
    Guys you don’t need 6gb ram at all

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