This electric car travelled 2,203 km from Mumbai to Delhi, enters India book of records


  • The BYD e6 electric car covers 2,203 km from Mumbai to Delhi
  • The journey from Mumbai to Delhi took the car through four states and nine cities
  • The drive was part of the organization’s “Sustainable Drive for a Sustainable India”

BYD, the Warren Buffett-backed electric vehicle manufacturer, has entered the India book of records for the most extended mileage driven by an EV with the e6 EV. The BYD e6 travelled approximately 2,203 kilometres from Mumbai to Delhi, touring nine cities in four states. The project was part of the company’s ‘Sustainable Drive for a Sustainable India.’

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BYD has been operating in India in the B2B category. So far, the company has completed 47,957,202 km across India with its partners, equivalent to 10,883 round trips from Mumbai to Delhi.

“The drive travelled 2,203km with charge outlets along national highways thanks to Charge Zone as our EV charging partner. The drive demonstrated that BYD India’s all-new e6 with the Blade Battery is a reliable vehicle in terms of safety, comfort, drivability, and range on a single charge.” BYD India’s Head of Electric Passenger Vehicle Business, Sanjay Gopalakrishnan, stated.

BYD e6 electric car

byd e6 ev

The e6 is powered by lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery technology, which provides a 50% increase in volumetric energy density. This has been demonstrated by the fact that it passed the most demanding nail piercing test to test the thermal runaway of batteries. When combined with the fact that the e6 is based on the BYD e-platform, the MPV provides a premium experience by reducing weight and optimising efficiency.

The BYD e6 electric MPV was introduced in November 2021, focusing on the B2B market in India. The e6 costs Rs 29.15 lakh ex-showroom and has a 71.7 kWh battery pack with a WLTC-certified (city) range of 520km. The 70kWh electric motor in the BYD e6 generates 94 horsepower and 180 Nm of peak torque, with a top speed of 130 kmph.