This super-efficient washing machine requires no detergent and uses little water


  • This washing machine is currently available across three Indian cities
  • In addition to clothing, the machine can also clean PPEs
  • It’s also environmentally friendly since there’s no wastewater

Water is a scarce resource in many parts of the world, including India. With hundreds of litres spent on washing just one batch of clothes, people have longed for a more efficient way of handling this important chore.

A Chandigarh-based startup, 80wash, has developed a patented steam technology, which can wash up to five pieces of clothing in only 80 seconds using only half a cup of water and zero detergent. This cycle can then be repeated for harsher stains, the makers said. Meanwhile, 70 to 80kg laundry loads will take up to five to six glasses of water across a few cycles.

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Any bacteria on the clothing is eliminated using low-frequency microwaves, while odour and stain removal is handled by dry steam (room temperature) generated by the machine. In addition to washing regular clothing, the makers of 80wash say it can also cleanse PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits or metal objects.

No toxic wastewater

On top of the obvious benefits of the machine, such as requiring minimal water, it also avoids environmental pollution since there’s no wastewater secretion, unlike standard washing machines.

This venture was founded by Rouble Gupta, Nitin Kumar Saluja, and Varinder Singh, with the machines currently available in Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Mohali. The company’s current clientele includes salons, hostels, and hospitals, which are institutions that handle a lot of laundry. 80wash is still a pilot program, however, but the concept is certainly novel and unlike anything we’ve seen before in the country.

“Mere sterilisation was not enough. The microwaves killed 99.9 percent bacteria but we needed to tackle dirt, stains and smell as well. This is when we started working on our patented technology around dry steam,” Saluja said on the challenges that led 80wash on its current trajectory.

Source: 80wash

Via: YourStory