Tips to Remember While Buying A Phone Offline or Online

On: February 26, 2014


We at PriceBaba are on a mission to bring the mostly internet-disconnected world of mobile phone retailers online. That, and the ton of e-commerce portals in India, you have all the possible information at your fingertips, helping you make a more educated purchase. But here are a few basic tips that you must be aware of, when purchasing products offline or online.

When purchasing a phone or tablet from a local shop:

1) Check for the seal — The box should be sealed when you buy the phone. Do not purchase it if the seal or plastic wrapping looks tampered or is absent.

2) Demand for bill a with with VAT/TIN number — A bill without Tax-Payer Identification Network (TIN) number does not serve as a proof of purchase.

3) Verify the IMEI/Serial number — Cross check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number printed on the box with IMEI mentioned in the bill and on the handset (check by dialling *#06#).

4) Check the box contents — The contents inside the box should match to the ones mentioned at the side of every box (like earphones, charger, USB cable etc). The battery, if removable, should come packaged separately.

5) Check the estimated street price on PriceBaba — Don’t be flattered by the Maximum Retail Price printed on the box. Dealers usually sell mobile phones at a lower Market Operating Price (MOP).

6) Keep a soft copy of the bill — Preserve the bill until warranty expires because otherwise you won’t have proof that you had purchased the phone. It is advisable to scan the bill and store a soft copy in case you lose the bill.

7) Buy from stores verified by PriceBaba — Buying from such stores will ensure that your purchase is safer than an unverified store.

8) Beware of “Exchange Offers” — Some manufacturers claim to offer discounts on products in exchange for an old one. But remember that typically they calculate the discount upon the MRP (obviously to dazzle you with a bigger number). But remember that phones are typically sold under the MRP without exchange, so you may be better off selling your phone separately on Olx, eBay, Quickr etc and just buy a new one off the shelf to get the better deal.


If you are buying online, then keep in mind the following tips:

1) Check the seller profile — Remember that online sites like eBay, Amazon and even Flipkart are marketplaces; meaning multiple sellers use the platform to sell a particular product. Before ordering your product, check the seller score or rating and success rate of the orders delivered. This information is available on the product page itself.

2) Portal Fulfilled Listings — Certain websites like Amazon and Snapdeal take care of the logistics as well (sometimes and not always). If the products are delivered by them, then that order is said to ‘Fulfilled’. These orders can be deemed safer compared to those which are not fulfilled since the latter are shipped by the seller himself. On Flipkart, the seller name ‘WS Retail’ suggests it’s Flipkart selling directly, and not a 3rd party seller on the site.

Final advise: Sign-up for tech newsletters — If you don’t keep yourself up to date about new product launches, signing up for newsletters can help you make a well-informed purchase and not suffer from buyer’s remorse later. (Check PriceBaba’s weekly newsletters).

We wish you a happy shopping experience!!

Harsh Mulchandani

Harsh Mulchandani is the Consumer Electronics Expert at His passion is to play cricket and use different gadgets. He loves cycling and nature photography. You can follow him on twitter @mulchandani97


    • Nikhil Uthale
    • February 26, 2014

    Just a point to add on the “in-store” purchase:
    1. TAKE A DEMO.. More often than not any DOA issues around your purchase comes up after you use the phone. A good practice is to ask the sales person to give you a small demo around your purchase, just to be doubly sure !

    2 Get a S/W update : You deserve the latest S/W with your new phone, demand it … More often you will find friendly peeps like @r0han at the store, who gets you updated even before you go home !

    • jitu motwani
    • November 24, 2015

    I buyed an iphone 6 at 50000rs from a local store. The bill is without vat, so will there be any warranty issues.

    • Ibrahim Sameh
    • October 7, 2016

    Whether one is buying a phone offline or online it is important to check for the specifications and features of the phone. Always choose the phone as per your need and it’s better to decide a budget and a price range before you start choosing a phone. These tips shared in the article are very useful specially to keep a copy of the bill.
    While buying phones online customers get a lot of options to choose from as well as they can compare the phones to opt the best one. Always ask any query from the customer support if you have any. Moreover you can check the review about the company and read for return, delivery, terms and conditions etc.

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