To Yahoo India Engineers!

Dear Engineer,

I am sad to see that Yahoo is leaving so many talented engineers in India (from what I hear) in a bid to consolidate its development efforts. Like any other growing tech startup, my instincts reacted in the same way as it did for a lot of my friends on Twitter. Can we get some good engineers to join PriceBaba? So let me be honest and mention that upfront. We need good engineers, but more on that later.

I can hardly make any cool statements or try to insult your ex-employer to lure you. That would be very foolish. My first email id in school was Yahoo and I respect the people who made this company. You are problem solvers and I have seen that you’ll take on really tough problems. In whatever you choose to do next, I am sure you would be great. All the best!

I am a commerce graduate who sold mobile phones for a living a decade back and then moved to a media business. I started PriceBaba to help my friends shop better and I understand that the amount of tech that would go behind achieving our dream is something I am not the best to understand. Luckily my co-founder Tirthesh is good at his job. What we have at is a challenge to serve and grow our 3.5+ million monthly users. We love e-commerce as much as the unsexy job of educating small retailers and getting them online.

We aren’t a uber cool hacker camp with the promise to give you a fridge full of beer cans and free lunches. Nor can we call ourselves a tech capital or give you titles like ‘Ninja’ or ‘Hustler’. But you can count on us to take on a tough problem and give it a 500%. You are an engineer and that’s what we want you to be.

And if at all PriceBaba isn’t your destination, some of our awesome startup friends are posting their requirements. Do consider them! Joining a Startup isn’t the answer to world peace (yet), please do think twice about it, plan for it and if you do go ahead, don’t look back 🙂

Clerk-2-CEO, PriceBaba

Annkur P Agarwal

Annkur P Agarwal is a mobile enthusiast who is fascinated by the ways in which mobile is changing our world.

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