Top 3 Things Announced in Google’s I/O 2018 Keynote Event

Google began its annual I/0 2018 event yesterday and gave a sneak peak into what it holds for us in the future. It announced updates across its whole software lineup including Google Assistant, Google Lens, Google Maps, Google News, Android P and much more. While there were a lot of amazing things showcased in the event, some of them were simply mind-blowing and very futuristic. Let’s see the Top 3 things that Google announced in I/0 2018’s main keynote event.

Google Assistant Can Now Make Calls on Your Behalf

This is the most unreal (and slightly creepy) thing that Google demoed last night. Google Assistant can now actually make real calls on your behalf for making appointments and bookings. You just ask Assistant to make an appointment on a particular place for a specific date/time and it will make a call in the background to the desired place for you. Sounds magical? Check out the below demo to see it in action.

Google Maps Can Show You Directions through AR

We have all stood confused in a street imagining which direction to go when the Google Maps says head South. With a new update, Maps will now show you direction signs when you point the camera to the street. So you just need to point your phone to the street and with a single glance, get to know in which direction you need to go. For fun, Google is also looking to add an animated Fox to help you show the way.

Google Lens Can Read Text and Match Styles

There have been times when we see a chunk of text and want to send it to someone or save it in text form. Google Lens can now enable copying text in the offline world and bring it to our phones in a text form. Another great ability is when you are scanning a menu, just pointing to a dish name will show you information about that particular food item. This stands true for all such scenarios. It will also match styles when you point to an object. Say you see an outfit which you like, Google Lens will now show you similar outfits which you can purchase. 

These are the most amazing things Google announced during its I/O 2018 keynote, there were many other things which you can check out in the full live stream below.

Aditya Mohanty

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