Top 5 Features of iOS 12

On: June 5, 2018

Apple held its annual WWDC event for developers yesterday and announced a bunch of advancements on the software side. This time around, there were no hardware launches in the event. The major showcase, as usual, was the next update of iOS, the iOS 12. Apple has been kind enough to include all the devices that currently run on iOS 11 for the new update. The update includes several enhancements and new features, let’s see the top 5 features of the new iOS 12.

Digital Wellbeing

Just like Google announced a bunch of features to help you unwind and stay away from your phone, Apple did the same with some of the features in iOS 12. It announced improvements in Do Not Disturb and introduced Screen Time dashboard which lets you monitor the amount of time you spend in each app on your device.

The new DND mode allows you to stop notifications automatically during bedtime or a particular location or from during specific times. With these tools, you can manage your time off your phone efficiently. There is a Deliver Quietly feature which will only list notifications in the notification shade but not on your home screen.

On the other hand, Screen Time will offer you a dashboard that includes a summary of how you spend your time on your device. This will be supported by in-depth data and help you manage your time better if you are spending way too much time in particular apps. You can also set a time limit for each app on a daily basis. This will also give control to parents for monitoring their kids’ activity.

Shortcuts for Siri

Finally, you can now set shortcuts for Siri. If you want Siri to begin a particular action or set of actions, you can do so via shortcuts. After it gets to know your daily routine and calendar schedule, Siri itself will create shortcuts to help you better. A new Shortcuts app will be offered in iOS 12 for creating and editing shortcuts for Siri. This will certainly help users in performing certain actions in a much quicker way.

Animoji and Memoji

It was quite predictable that Apple will keep adding new Animojis to their collection and they are doing the same with iOS 12. Apart from adding a bunch of new Animojis, Apple has also introduced ‘tongue detection’ that will mimic your tongue on screen. It will also work during Facetime or while sending a photo messages.  

A new addition on this front is Memoji, which is your own customized Animoji. This is similar to what Samsung offered with its Galaxy S9 but hopefully Apple can pull it off in a better way owing to its multiple cameras and technologies placed in the notch.

Group Video Call in Facetime

Apple has now added support for group calling in its native video calling app – Facetime. Moreover, it allows you to make a group video call with up to 32 people simultaneously.

You can switch to only audio or video both while talking in a group. It can be seamlessly initiated through a group message thread. There is a new tile UI which highlights those who are currently speaking.

Apple Photos

There are various minor improvements in the native Photos app in iOS 12. The search suggestions will now become better and similar pictures will show up together, making it easier to find them. It will group photos based on locations, particular subjects or events. To make things even better, the search function now supports usage of multiple search terms and it also offers suggestions for new terms.

These are the top 5 features of iOS 12 which will be made available to all iPhone and iPad users. The Public beta will be available in a few days, probably in June end. For the full-fledged release, you will have to wait till September, which is when iOS 12 will be available alongside the new iPhones.

Aditya Mohanty

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