Top air purifiers priced under Rs 10,000

We live in a polluted world and there is not much we can do about it. However, one way to protect ourselves is to invest in an air purifier. The Indian market offers some budget-friendly air purifiers which offer decent value for money while providing protection from allergens and airborne infections. Check them out here:

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Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2S

This smart Xiaomi purifier comes with a CADR value of 310 CMH which is highly efficient. It covers an area of 400 square feet. making it suitable for medium-sized rooms. It is laden with a HEPA filter that is capable of removing up to 99.7 percent of microparticles. The OLED display present on it shows real-time PM 2.5 levels, temperature and humidity while adjusting brightness levels according to the ambient light. The appliance works on a three-layered purification system where large airborne particles are removed by the first layer, micron-sized particles are removed by the second layer and odour along with formaldehyde is filtered by the third layer. This smart purifier can be controlled via an app and it also supports various voice assistants.

Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20

This offering by Philips sports a CADR value of 270 CMH while its coverage capacity is 677 square feet, making it ideal for living rooms. It features VitaShield IPS Technology with various modes. Its NanoProtect True HEPA Series 1 Filter is capable of eliminating up to 99.7 percent of pollutants. The filter is further equipped with a 4-colour air quality indicator which shows the real-time levels in the room. The appliance also comes with a child-lock feature and a 2-colour Touch Panel UI. The Philips 1000 Series AC1215 Purifier is one of the best offerings to grab in this price range.

Honeywell Air Touch A5

This Honeywell purifier comes with a CADR value of 250 CMH and provides coverage for up to 323 square feet. It plays host to a three-layered filtration system where the pre-filter can be washed when necessary. The pre-filter removes dust and other large particles, while the HEPA filter removes PM 2.5 matter. Odour and toxic gases are then cleansed by the third activated carbon filter. A child-lock feature is also present, which prevents kids from fiddling with the controls.

Eureka Forbes Aeroguard

This offering by Eureka Forbes is portable, which means that it is light-weight and easy to move around. It comes with a CADR value of 242 CMH while covering the area of 200 and activated carbon filter that makes it suitable for small rooms. It has an Active Shield technology which helps in removing airborne particles. It is laced with Aerodynamic 360-degree Air Flow which pulls in air from all directions and purifies it. It has an Active HEPA and Active Carbon Filter, where the former deals with up to 99.9 micropollutants and the latter removes odour. Furthermore, the purifier is also equipped with an Anion Generator that lets a user diffuse any fragrance into the room.

Glen 6033

With a CADR value of 230 CMH and covering area capacity of up to 350 square feet, this Glen Air Purifier provides great value for money. The appliance follows a 5-step process for purification and comes equipped with an air quality indicator. It also features various modes including Auto, Sleep and more, while functioning through a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, Activated carbon, Cold Catalyst Filter and Built-in Ionizer. The purifier comes packed with remote control as well. If you’re looking for a decent air purifier in this price range, the Glen Air Purifier is one of the best bets to make.

Blue Star BS-AP300DAI

This Blue Star Air Purifier comes with a CADR value of 444 CMH and a coverage capacity of 300 square feet. The higher CADR value helps in determining the volume of clean air produced by the filter per minute, and in this case, the Blue Star Air Purifier has an upper hand compared to the competition. It has a three-layer filtration system where the dust and other large particles are eliminated by the pre-filter, while the HEPA filter removes the microparticles. The Activated Carbon then goes on to remove any odours from the room.

Kent Aura

Kent’s portable Aura Air Purifier features an elegant floral pattern that makes it an ideal addition to your living space. With a CADR value of 180 CMH and coverage area of 280 square feet, this offering is suitable for small bedrooms. The purifier works to clean the air via a HEPA filter that can reportedly eliminate up to 99.7 percent of microparticles. Odour, cigarette smoke and other smells are then removed by Activated Carbon filter. The appliance also has a child-lock feature that can come in handy for parents with toddlers.

Panasonic F-PBJ30ADD

This offering by Panasonic has a CADR value of 168 CMH while its coverage capacity is 215 square feet. This means that the appliance is suitable for small bedrooms, while its 4.2kg weight makes it easy to move around. The purifier is further equipped with a Nanoe technology that reportedly enhances bacteria removal ability. A HEPA Composite Filter present inside the purifier removes fine particles that can cause allergies and other infections, while the Econavi technology helps in reducing the energy load. The House Dust Catcher provides a powerful suction near the floor where most pollutants are detected.

Livpure TruAir

The Livpure TruAir purifier comes with a CADR value of 200 CMH along with a coverage area capacity of 300 sq.ft which means that it can effectively clean small rooms. It has a HEPA-based composite filter which can clean minuscule pollutants and allergens. It also houses a colour display with PM 2.5 indicator, particle sensor, temperature sensor and indicator. A default Child Lock function, IR remote and touch buttons are a part of the package as well. The purifier produces cleaner air through a four-step process and is quite portable as it weighs only 5kg.

Prestige PAP 2.0

This vibrant offering by Prestige is budget-friendly and stylish at the same time. It features a CADR value of 3.6 km/hr and is suitable for 325 square feet rooms. The purifier features a four-step process for cleansing indoor air that is achieved via a pre-filter, HEPA filter, Activated Carbon and ionizer. The ionizer helps in rendering the allergens inactive, while the carbon controls odour. The purifier is further equipped with a three-speed control function, smart airflow control sensor, air quality indicator, filter alert function and Child Lock feature.

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