Top air purifiers priced under Rs 20,000

On: July 30, 2019

Airborne infections and diseases have become quite common and it’s hard to find respite from them in the outside world. However, you can still protect your home and office space with the help pf air purifiers. If you’re in the market for an affordable air purifier, here’s a list of the best ones priced under Rs 20,000.

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Honeywell i9

The smart Honeywell Air Purifier i9 is one of the best offerings in this price range. It has a glossy outer panel that can add to the aesthetics of any room or office space. With a CADR value of 300 CMH and coverage area capacity of 415 square feet, the appliance is suitable for bigger rooms. It also sports a real-time PM 2.5 indicator display that alerts a user whenever these harmful particles are detected. It has a smart feature that senses the pollution level and operates the device automatically. The filtration process includes a pre-filter that removes big particles like dust, while the HEPA filter works its way to remove microparticles. The HiSiv filter then works to eliminate odour and formaldehyde. The appliance is also equipped with smart filter indicators and a sleep mode.

Philips AC2887

This light-weight offering is one of the best in this price range. With a high CADR value of 344 CMH and coverage area capacity of 851 square feet, the appliance can easily function for large rooms. It is laced with a VitaShield IPS with a True HEPA filter that helps in eliminating up to 99.7 percent of microparticles, while the Activated Carbon filter removes harmful odours from the air. The offering’s Aerasense feature indicates real-time indoor air quality via its display. To aid one’s sleep process, the Sleep Mode dims the filter’s light and reduces its operation sound as well. It also features a special Allergen Mode that removes common airborne allergens.

Sharp FP-F40E-W

This offering by Sharp features a CADR value of 240 CMH and its coverage area capacity is 320 square feet which makes it ideal for medium-sized rooms. The purifier is driven by a four-way purification process with a pre-filter that removes large particles like dust, HEPA filter that removes microparticles, Activated Carbon filter which removes the odour and formaldehyde, and an ionizer that renders all the other allergens inactive. The offering is laced with an automatic shut-off feature, Haze mode, timer and an air quality indicator as well. It also features an odour and dust sensor and weighs 4.7kg, so it is quite portable too. If you’re looking for an efficient offering in this price range, the Sharp air purifier is one of the best offerings to consider.

Aeroguard Mist

The Aeroguard Mist Room Air Purifier has a CADR value of 205 CMH and a coverage area capacity of 300 square feet. This means that the appliance can filter the air for small rooms efficiently. It is also laced with an Activeshield technology featuring a six-layered purification process. The purifier also includes a HEPA filter that helps in removing minuscule particles by up to 99.7 percent. The Active 10X Pre-Filter and Honeycomb Active Carbon Filter work to remove dust particles and odour, respectively. The Active Oxidation cell and Anion generator help in deodorising the air. It also features Super Intuitive technology and 4-stage airflow control using which the Aeroguard Mist automatically adjusts its filtration according to the level of pollution and the size of the room.

Honeywell Air Touch i8

The Honeywell Portable Room Air Purifier features a CADR value of 300 CMH and a coverage area capacity of 387 square feet. With such metrics, the purifier is well-suited for small rooms. A HEPA filter is included to eradicate germs and allergens, while Honeywell’s patented HiSiv technology helps in controlling odours. It operates at a low noise level and comes with a built-in Sleep Mode. The Auto Mode senses the level of air pollution inside the room and adjusts the speed accordingly. The Child Lock feature of the purifier helps in keeping the appliance out of a toddler’s reach. The appliance features three-speed settings.

Coway Sleek Pro AP-1009

The Coway Sleek Pro Air Purifier features a CADR value of 303 CMH coupled with a coverage area capacity of 355 square feet. The purifier is suited to medium-sized rooms and it operates in a Super Silent mode. The three-layer filtration process includes a pre-filter that removes dust particles, a Carbon Filter to deodorise the air with up to 98 percent efficiency and a True HEPA filter that can eradicate microscopic particles with an efficiency of up to 99.7 percent. The appliance also has an Air Quality Indicator that determines the pollution level and helps in reducing it, Optimized Airflow, four speed modes, filter replacement indicator and sleek design. If you’re looking for a compact and efficient air purifier, this Coway purifier will not disappoint you.

Philips AC1211/20

This offering by Philips offers a unique design and is quite easy to move around. With a CADR value of 260 CMH and coverage area capacity of 645 square feet, the filter is capable of cleaning the air for larger rooms as well. It features a VitaShield IPS with True HEPA Filter that can eradicate up to 99.7 percent of microparticles that cause allergies and infections. The Aerasense feature indicates air quality on the display, while the Sleep Mode reduces noise production and dims the lights. It features a Special Allergen mode that removes common allergens. It has three settings for speed and has a Child Lock feature, timer and auto shut-off option as well.

Eveready AP322

This Eveready Air Purifier comes with a CADR value of 150 CMH and a coverage area capacity of 670 square feet. It is ideal for large spaces and features a seven-layered purification process. The pre-filter helps in removing big particles like dust and sand while the Cold Catalyst Filter removes allergens and antigens. The HEPA filter removes microscopic allergens by up to 99.7 percent. The Activated Carbon then removes odour and cigarette smoke. The Anti-bacteria filter kills viruses and bacteria and the UV sterilisation kills microbial organisms quickly. The Ionizer then improves the air quality of the room. The appliance is further aided by an advanced control panel and three different speed modes.

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