Top Blueair air purifiers in India

On: August 2, 2019

With a strong line-up of air purifiers, Swedish-brand Blueair is looking to make headway into the Indian market. Let’s take a look at some of the best offerings provided by the company.

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Blueair Blue Pure 121


The Blue Pure 121 air purifier covers an area of up to 620 square feet while providing the CADR value of 700 CMH. Due to these features, it is suitable for large rooms and living areas. With its HEPASilent Technology, the purifier removes microparticles while ensuring quiet operation. The filtration is then completed with an Active Carbon filter that eliminates foul odours and formaldehyde from indoor air. The device also comes with a filter replacement indicator.

Blueair Blue Pure 211


This offering by Blueair comes with a CADR value of 590 CMH while it can cover up to 540 square feet, which makes it ideal for medium to large-sized rooms. The purifier works on HEPASilent Technology that can eliminate up to 99.7 percent of microparticles that cause allergies and infections. Additionally, this technology helps in keeping the operational volume low while conserving electricity. The device is further equipped with a Particle and Carbon filter which eradicates harmful particles and odours. A colourful pre-filter is also a part of the package as it helps in removing large allergens like dust. The pre-filters are washable and come in a range of colours to customise it as per your liking. The purifier is also laced with an automatic filter change alert system and easy one-button control for convenience.

Blueair Classic 205


This Blueair Classic 205 air purifier supports Wi-Fi and comes with a CADR value of 205 CMH. It can cover an area up to 279 square feet which means that it is best suited for small rooms. The offering runs on HEPASilent technology which helps to capture up to 99.7 percent of harmful microparticles, while saving energy and producing minimal noise during operation. This purifier can be controlled via the Blueair Friend app that also acts as a remote. The device sports a filter replacement indicator in addition to three speed mode and three control LED icons.

Blueair Classic 270e


The Blueair 270e is a compact option and comes with a CADR value of 264 CMH along with an area capacity of 237 square feet. The purifier is well-suited to small spaces and sports a digital display that allows users to control the device. The display displays air quality and uses sensors to detect harmful pollutants in the room. The device can be operated automatically via auto mode or manually. This offering also runs on the HEPASilent Technology which combines electrostatic and mechanical filtration. The technology helps in saving energy and ensuring a silent operation from the purifier. There are four levels for speed and a filter replacement indicator as well.

Blueair Classic 280i


This purifier is a part of the ‘Classic i’ series by the company and comes with Wi-Fi support. With CADR value of 340 CMH and area capacity of up to 279 square feet, the device is perfect for small to medium rooms. It also sports integrated air quality sensors that display the level of PM 2.5 matter and VOCs in the room. LED touch buttons are present to control the purifier, while the Blueair Friend app can help in managing the purifier remotely. It can help in controlling speed, enabling the child lock and activating night mode. An auto mode is also included in the package, along with HEPASilent Technology and an unique Smokestop filter that combines a particle filter with an activated carbon filter. Additionally, the body of the purifier is made up of galvanized steel and is rust-free.

Blueair Classic 480i


Another model in the ‘Classic i’ series of Blueair, this purifier comes with CADR value of 510 CMH and an area capacity of up to 434 square feet. The offering is compatible with medium and large rooms, and comes laden with Wi-Fi connectivity. It also sports integrated air quality sensors, and consumers can connect their filter to their smart devices via the Blueair Friend app. The device runs on HEPASilent technology that filters up to 99.7 of percent microparticles, conserves electricity and helps in silent operation. The Smokestop filter removes particles and harmful odours, thanks to their combination of particle filter and activated carbon. The purifier features a night mode, auto mode, child lock and four different speed levels.

Blueair Classic 680i 


The Classic 680i purifier by Blueair is a premium offering with a CADR value of 850 CMH and area capacity of 775 square feet. Thanks to such specifications, the purifier can be used in large living areas easily. With Wi-Fi connectivity, LED touch buttons, integrated air quality control sensors and the Blueair Friend app, users can monitor the air quality and receive tips to improve the same. Using the Blueair app, users can also control the device remotely using their smartphones. The device runs on the HEPASilent Technology that is coupled with a Smokestop filter to eradicate foul smells. Night mode, auto mode, different speed levels, child lock and a galvanized steel body are included as well.

Blueair Joy S


The Blueair Joy S purifier comes with a CADR value of 220 CMH along with a coverage area capacity of 172 square feet. The product is optimum for tiny rooms or a home office, and is the smallest as well as the slimmest purifier manufactured by the company. It is energy-efficient, operates silently and provides convenient one-button control. The purifier runs on the HEPASilent Technology that kills up to 99.7 percent of microparticles. The technology is coupled with an activated carbon filter which removes odours, gases and VOCs. The offering is further laced with a 360-degree air intake, automatic filter change alert, pre-filter that removes large particles and three different speed modes.

Blueair Sense+


The Blueair Sense+ air purifier comes with a CADR value of 238 CMH and an area capacity of up to 186 square feet. The offering is suitable for compact spaces and is Wi-Fi enabled. It also sports the Blueair Aware air quality monitor while consumers can connect it to the Blueair Friend app to manage its operations. It is also laced with a child lock function, wraparound grille for maximised airflow and five control options for speed. The product is also capable of changing the fan speed through motion sensors, while a night mode and smart timer add to the convenience. It runs on the HEPASilent Technology coupled with particle filter and activated carbon for all-round purification.

Blueair Classic 203 Slim


The Blueair Classic 203 slim is a compact option with a CADR value of 263 CMH and a coverage area capacity of 236 square feet. The purifier runs on the HEPASilent technology that is energy efficient, silent and removes up to 99.7 percent of microparticles. The device is easy to move and comes with a timer alert to remind the user when a filter needs changing. It has three levels for sound and the dynamic airflow helps in spreading clean air evenly through the room. It has a regulator on top which makes it convenient to manage the device, while its steel body is durable.

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