Top deals on Split ACs in India: April 2019 edition

In the scorching heat of Indian summers, air conditioners are a pre-requisite. Split ACs are widely popular for their silent operation, discreet design and hassle-free operation. Due to the approaching summer season, leading brands have introduced discounts on their best-selling ACs. Check out this curated list of top deals on split ACs and choose the best:

1. Voltas Split Inverter AC 

Regular price: Rs 46,490

Deal price: Rs 26,299

Voltas Split Inverter AC

The Voltas Split Inverter AC carries a capacity of 1 Ton and is ideal for small rooms. The appliance carries a three-star BEE energy rating and conserves up to 15 percent of energy. As a result, the electricity bill is reduced by a considerable amount. It has high ambient cooling, an advanced air purifier, copper condenser for efficient cooling, active dehumidifier, multi-stage filtration advantage for fighting allergens, and a 4-way auto-louvre for uniformity.

This best-selling offering is equipped with auto restart and sleep mode function as well. It can be bought at a price of Rs 29,299 while its original price is Rs 46,490.

2. LG Split Dual Inverter AC 

Regular price: Rs 55,990

Deal price: Rs 44,499

LG Split Dual Inverter AC

The LG Split Dual Inverter AC comes with a total capacity of 1.5 Tons which makes it suitable for rooms that are medium size. This appliance has a five-star BEE Rating 2019 which saves up to 25 percent energy and reduces the electricity bill. It has a dual cool technology which helps in instant cooling, Ocean Black protection, LG smart diagnosis which can troubleshoot anomalies via phones, active energy control and low refrigerant detection.

Additionally, the offering is kitted with Gold Fin Condenser R32 Refrigerant which can withstand corrosion, auto-clean technology and comfort air feature. You can grab this product for Rs 44,499 against the original price of Rs 55,990.

3. Godrej Split AC

Regular price: Rs 48,500

Deal price: Rs 27,398

Godrej Split AC

This Godrej Split AC has a total capacity of 1.5 Tons which makes it suitable for a medium-sized room. The AC has a three-star BEE 2018 Rating. It can save up to 15 percent of energy which can efficiently reduce the electricity bill. The appliance has a parallel flow condenser, an auto-restart option, R22 refrigerant, dry mode, sleep mode and an anti-bacterial filter which helps in keeping infections at bay. The offering is available to buy at a price of Rs 27,398 against the original price of Rs 48,500.

4. Onida Split Inverter AC

Regular price: Rs 49,990

Deal price: Rs 29,999

Onida Split AC

The Onida Split Inverter AC has a total capacity of 1.5 Tons and comes with an energy rating of three stars. It carries a 100 percent copper condenser which helps in saving energy. A special PET Engine is also at its disposal to provide instant cooling in scorching circumstances. It averts pollution by releasing eco-friendly gas and operates silently as well. As it is an inverter AC, the appliance doesn’t need a stabiliser. It has an auto-restart option and an adjustable sleep mode. The offering can be bought at a cost of Rs 29,999, while its original price was a whopping Rs 49,990.

5. Voltas 1.5 Tons Split Inverter AC

Regular price: Rs 55,990

Deal price: Rs 33,449

Voltas 3 Star Split AC

This offering by Voltas carries a 1.5 Ton capacity which makes it optimum for medium spaces. The appliance has a three-star BEE Rating 2018 which helps in saving up to 15 percent of energy. It has a High EER Rotary – BLDC compressor while the condenser coil is made of copper. The copper coil helps in conserving energy and keeping the appliance low-maintenance. It has an LED panel, auto-restart, sleep mode and turbo mode. The product can be bought at a price of Rs 33,449 against the original price of Rs 55,990.

So, which of these offerings have you chosen? Let us know in the comments section below and stay tuned to Pricebaba for more updates.

Note: Prices mentioned in this article are available at the time of publishing, and are subject to change

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