Top WhatsApp features we expect to see in 2020

On: December 12, 2019

As per the latest reports, WhatsApp has over 400 million monthly active users in India alone. The company has evolved drastically from being just an instant messaging app, with quite a few practical features being rolled out lately, including playing videos in a floating window, fingerprint lock for secure chats and the ability to delete messages in chats. However, WhatsApp has several new features in the works which is expected to improve the app further. Here’s a list of the top WhatsApp features we can expect to see in 2020.

Dark Mode

Google has already rolled out an integrated system-wide dark mode in Android, and several popular apps including Gmail, Instagram and Twitter have adopted this natively as well. WhatsApp, on the other hand, has been testing the feature for a while in its beta iteration, but it is yet to roll out publicly. WhatsApp has revealed that it is closer to rolling out the Dark Mode in the stable version. There were also rumours that the dark mode on WhatsApp could be set to turn on automatically at sunset.

Self-destructing messages

WhatsApp introduced a convenient feature a while back, which allowed users to delete a message they sent for everyone. However, users could still see if someone had deleted a message in a chat, which defied the purpose of the feature. However, now the platform is working on a feature similar to its competitors, Snapchat and Telegram. According to rumours, WhatsApp will allow users to set messages to self destruct in 5 seconds and 1 hour. First spotted by WABetaInfo in a beta build, this feature was only available in group chats.

Hide Status from muted contacts

The Hide Muted Status Updates is one feature that has been under development for a while now. Currently, WhatsApp still shows the status update from the contacts you have muted at the end of the list in Status tab. However, the new feature will completely hide the status updates from muted contacts. The feature is also still in development and will take a while to appear in a stable build of WhatsApp.

Blocked notifications

WhatsApp currently allows you to block a person from sending you messages. However, the person who gets blocked has no way to know that they have been blocked except for a blank display picture and missing status. Recently, there was a report that WhatsApp is working on a feature that will let the users know if someone has blocked them. This caused a huge uproar with users saying that the feature would defy the very nature of blocking someone.

Flash messages

Flash SMS has been around for a while now and is a great way to catch someone’s attention. The Flash SMS pops up on the entire screen and once the user has seen or responded to the text, it usually vanishes without a trace. Not only is it a great tool to catch someone’s attention in case of an emergency but can also be used to send information meant only for the eyes of the recipient.

These are the top WhatsApp features that are reportedly in the pipeline . Do you have any feature that you would like to see in WhatsApp going forward? Tell us in the comment box below.

Abhiman Biswas

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