Truecaller: How to Completely Delete or Deactivate Truecaller Account and Remove Your Phone Number

Truecaller is an app that helps you discover the person calling you.  The app is available for both Android and iOS and helps in saving time and block unwanted calls. You will have to download the app from the respective app store and register. To register on the app, you will have to share your mobile number. Though some smartphones have inbuilt services similar to the app, Truecaller is a popular and easy-to-use service and thus many people prefer to use it. 

Truecaller intakes data through network providers and from various other users and helps in identifying if the incoming call is safe or spam. To make it easy for users to identify spam calls, they are flashed on the mobile screen in red colour. In contrast, the safe calls are marked in blue. Users who have opted for a premium Truecaller account are shown in the Gold colour option. 

Then there is the other side – of alleged data sharing and privacy breaches. Even though Truecaller promises not to “leak” phone numbers, it does make them public by their usage. In fact, that is exactly the reason that you are using the app right now! It is like a phone directory in your hand. But unlike the directories of the yore, this app’s list of personal cell phone numbers may prove more pervasive than landline numbers.

So if in case you want to quit the app and delete your Truecaller account, then you are at the right place. Read on to know the detailed step-by-step guide.

How To Change The Number In Truecaller App

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In case you have now moved to a new number and want to update the same, then you can do without deleting the account. Here’s how you can do this:


If you are using an Android smartphone, then you will have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

truecaller on android

  1. If you don’t have the app installed, then you can download it from the play store and in the app head over to the profile
  2. Click on your name or number to open the full profile
  3. A dialogue box will open warning you that all the badges associated with the current number will be lost, if you proceed. You will have to click on continue. 
  4. You can then add your new number, verify and save the changes


If you are using Truecaller on an iOS device, the steps are slightly different. Here’s how you can change your number on the Truecaller account

truecaller on iphone

  1. Go to the Truecaller app, and install it in case you don’t have one
  2. Click on more at the bottom left
  3. Click on the edit icon next to your name and number
  4. You can edit your name, number, email id, display picture and even number at this stage.
  5. Click Save to return back and keep using the app.

How To Remove Truecaller As A Default Dialer

Truecaller is a handy app that helps in identifying pesky calls. However, the app can sometimes become a nuisance itself. In certain phones, for the app to function, you are required to make Truecaller your default dialer. In case you have accidentally accepted that option and want to go back to your default dialer, we have you covered. 


  1. In your phone settings, enter “Apps and notifications”.
  2. Click on the “all apps” option below the recently opened apps.
  3. Keep scrolling until you see the Truecaller app.
  4. Click Truecaller from the list and scan for the calling or phone app.
  5. Finally, the default app settings will display, click on the “phone icon/app” to set the phone as the default app. 

However, the setting could vary slightly from phone to phone. 

How To Remove Your Phone Number From Truecaller And Delete The Account on iOS/Android

Truecaller enables users to remove their numbers from the company’s search database. To proceed with the removal of the phone number and deletion of your account, first, you need to deactivate your Truecaller account. The process is almost similar for both Android and iPhone users.


  • Click on the profile icon
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on “Privacy Center”
  • Deactivate
  • After you have deactivated your account, log on to 
  • Enter the number that you want to remove
  • To ensure that your number is not searchable in the Truecaller app, enter your phone number with the country code (i.e., +919123456789)
  • Press “Unlist”

However, it needs to be mentioned that it may take up to 24 hours before the entire information gets deleted from the system. According to the company website, numbers marked as spam cannot be unlisted.

How To Remove Your Phone Number From Truecaller And Delete The Account using the website

If you no longer have the Truecaller website and wish to delete your account without reinstalling the app, then you can do the same on the website. Here is the step-by-step process on how to do the same.


  1. Head over to the Truecaller website 
  2. Login via your Gmail or Facebook account
  3. Once you are logged in, you will see your name on the top right.
  4. Click on the same, followed by accounts and privacy
  5. Finally, click on deactivate to kiss goodbye to the app

Finally, the process is completed. Now, you’ll have to wait 24 hours for the number to be removed from the database. This process successfully deletes your Truecaller account.

Contact Truecaller for deleting your account

According to the company, Truecaller does not have a customer care number. So, if you come across any “helpline” or “customer care” number, it is advisable to just ignore such inputs. The app developer urges users to refrain from calling numbers or interacting with accounts that are not associated with its official support website. Here are some useful IDs in case you want to get in touch with the company

We hope that the above information was helpful and helps you in deactivating your Truecaller account.

How Truecaller Operates

Let us first see how the app works. Truecaller’s Caller ID is designed to identify a caller even if the name does not feature in your handset’s address book. How do they do that? Now, with your permission, while downloading Truecaller, your mobile phonebook data gets integrated with the app, which the service provider claims are for a seamless calling and messaging experience. The caller’s name is thus identified based on sources like user profiles and also crowdsourcing of names.

Truecaller can also determine a contact’s name through its app or website where its community is assembled. In this case, the name will reflect as stored in the phonebooks of a majority of its community of users. For example, if a spam call is saved or reported as “don’t pick phone” by the maximum number of Truecaller users, the caller ID will reflect a similar name on the call receiver’s smartphone for that particular number.

Over the years, Truecaller has become a vast community. It has 300 million monthly active users globally, and 220 million active users in India, according to the official numbers shared by the company. The data accessed by Truecaller is updated and stored on its server. After processing the raw data through various algorithms, the improved and updated information is made available on your smartphone.

You may have noticed that when you login to Truecaller, you may need to use your Google or Facebook ID along with sharing your mobile number. Once you have agreed to share data, then the app gains partial – if not entire – access to your data. On the one hand, such information helps Truecaller provide you with custom services, on the other most of your data is acquired by the company.

Though the information is stored by the company, it is not that everyone can access and view the details. When you verify and set up your account on Truecaller, the data is not visible to the public, unless you share it personally with somebody. Thus, if anyone is searching for you by name or wants to see your mobile phone number will have to seek your permission.

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