Truecaller introduces ‘Call Reason’ feature to let you know why someone is calling

Smartphone app Truecaller that helps users discover unknown callers has announced three new features. The biggest one is called ‘Call Reason’. The other new features include Schedule SMS and SMS Translate. The company says that the former was amongst the most requested feature this year from users across the world. 

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The new features are already rolling out to Android users (both free and premium versions) globally via Google Play Store. On the other hand, iOS users will receive the Call Reason feature early next year. Truecaller says that SMS Schedule and SMS Translate will only be available for Android. 

Truecaller introduces Call Reason, SMS Schedule and SMS Translate features 

Truecaller’s new features are already rolling out on Android devices

As the name suggests, the Call Reason feature allows the recipient to know why someone is calling and if it is personal, business or something important. From the caller’s side, the user has to select one of the default reasons on the app or add a custom reason before initiating the call. It’s worth noting that both parties have to use the latest Truecaller app to do so. The caller needs to use the app dialer to use the feature, while the recipient can use a full-screen caller ID or pop-up caller ID that will display the message. 

Business users will also be able to Call Reason feature to set a customised text before every call, helping them increase engagement with their customers. Truecaller says that the Call Reason feature would increase pick-up rates especially when callers are calling from new numbers. 

As for the SMS Schedule feature, users can select the schedule icon next to the emoji and attachment buttons. This will allow users to schedule and send messages at a particular date and time. 

The SMS Translate feature is powered by Google’s ML Kit to automatically translate foreign language messages. The translation process takes place locally on the phone so that nothing leaves the user’s device. Language packs are downloaded to the device before translation begins and users can also download additional languages offline. 

Truecaller says that it is planning to extend Call Reason feature to its priority customers and verified businesses on the platform next year. It will also be available to businesses using cloud telephony services.

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