Here is How to Turn off Press Home to Unlock on iOS 10

Apple called iOS 10 one of their biggest leaps in the way iOS looks, behaves and functions. iOS 10 is already powering about one-third of all the iPhone out there so far and that means, a fair few million people had to reprogram themselves on how to unlock their devices. With iOS 10, Apple took away the legendary ‘Slide to Unlock’ gesture for a press of Home Button to unlock the phone. If you have been using the iPhone for years, you definitely must have swiped the screen only to see the widgets on screen than the Home screen. This can be mighty frustrating, but there is very little now you can do about it.


Another behaviour that has changed is for iPhone that comes with TouchID. Previously, just tapping on the TouchID would unlock your device allowing you access inside. However now, in order to keep the behaviour consistent, Apple requires you to now press the TouchID even from the lockscreen. This takes some getting used to and puts a question mark in your head whether the TouchID would last as long as it would have given that the new OS update needs you to press it more. More the physical movement, more the chances of it breaking down.

Just like every cloud has a silver lining, at least the problem of pressing the Home Button on TouchID can be solved. You can follow the steps below to go back to the behaviour where you can just rest your finger on the fingerprint scanner to unlock the phone.

Step 1) On your phone running iOS 10, go to the Settings App.

Step 2) In the Settings App, go to the General option.

Step 3) Find accessibility and click on it.

Step 4) Inside Accessibility, click on Home Button.

Step 5) Here, you will see the option of ‘Rest Finger to Open’, just tap that to be on and it is done.

Now, you can unlock your iPhone by just tapping on the TouchID, without having to press it.

Arpit Verma

When not admiring flying metallic birds and the science behind them, Arpit is seen scribbling with his keyboard, voicing an opinion or two about personal technology. He is currently using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6s Plus as his mobile devices.

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